My name is Cipto and I’m the author/creator of

I have been working as Health Practitioner in Hospital and Clinic for more 21 years who specializing in Medical Procedure, Diagnostic,  Radiology, Ultrasonography, Medications and Mother’s Problems.

I want my readers of my blog know in detail about what really happen inside the Clinic/Hospital base on my practice and experience. Please be sorry if my English is not perfect, but the essential of my purpose is everyone must know the true information about medical and health.

As you can see, I hope you will be healthy and safety especially for mother and her family. I will post medical matters, medication, procedure and everything related with mother’s problems and her family.

Disclosure Policy

Sometimes this blog makes money for me.  Other times I go weeks without any profit.  It’s fine with me because I have a clear conscience about what I promote and actually, I love to talk about mother’s health.