What to know about Endoscopy ToolEndoscopy is one of the useful and important tools to diagnose and treat many diseases and abnormalities of the patient’s problems. This tool is very effective way to fulfill the needs of Doctor’s jobs.

For patients, Endoscopy procedure is uncomfortable and little bit pain during examination. So, they must be relax and do not afraid to face the procedure. Nurse and Doctor will tell the patient what they do up to the procedures have been done.

Below are the cases which covered well by Endoscopy:

– Esophagus area up to stomach.

– Small intestine until colon region.

– Abdominal cavity up to fallopian tubes

– Urinary tract and pelvic projections.

Endoscopy is chose by the Specialist because of the some reasons:

• Accuracy : Doctor who does the procedure can see the problem’s area and setting the diagnosis of the disease.

• Recovery Process is short: We admitted that endosecopy for some cases need small incision or opening the small body of the patient but after the procedure only need the short time of recovery.

• Less Invassive : Endoscopy doesn’t need the big incision for the patient’s body.

• Fast Process: Instant procedure is typically of endoscopy procedure. If there is any biopsy needed at the same time.

Endoscopy is well-known as diagnostic tool for different conditions and also applied in different part of the patient’s body. This tool is a lighted tube with thin shape and equipped by a camera to observe within the part of the body. Camera function is to inspect any problem and to monitor biopsy result.

Don’t worry about Endoscopy usage during your examination. It’s really to save your problem and uphold the right diagnosis within your intestinal and stomach surfaces. Small incision can be done very well by this tool.

Many considerations is taken by patients before test because they are afraid with the negative effects. As long as it’s done by the Specialist or Expert, it’s OK, right. Well Preparation and understand the step by step procedure are needed to minimize the side effects.

Insertion process by the tube is the difficult time for the patients. All endoscopy activity will be observed by the monitor. If any following treatment or biopsy, would be discussed among medical teams to solve the patient’s problems.

There are some problems or symptoms that should be used by Endoscopy like stomach pain, gastritis, ulcers diseases or digestive tract. To be noted that besides standard procedure, sometimes any little medication to ensure the procedure is success.


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