MRI as Diagnostic ToolEvery patient who comes to Medical Centers needs the accurate diagnostic tools to treat her or his disease or abnormality. The right diagnosis would speed-up the recovery process of his illness. For your notice that every problem has the different treatment including in diagnostic equipment usage.

In this moment, I would like to explain about medical imaging like x-ray, CT-Scan and MRI. X-ray equipment is simpler and cheaper tool compared with CT-Scan and MRI but it’s very accurate to detect any abnormalities of bony structure, fracture and dislocation, bony island and something related with bone area.

1. X-Ray Machine

X-ray is usual equipment for most people and this tool is the oldest type of radiologic test. Doctors or Specialist will refer their patient because of problem for their body. It has 2-Dimension Image. Every patient who comes to x-ray examination will take 2 basic positions minimally. The density of the bone will be adjusted in soft tissue and bony structure type depends on the patient’s problems.

The final image of x-ray film is in grey color. This is manual system. There are the other system results like digital radiography, CD’s, JPG or sending via e-mail. So, the patient doesn’t bring any film within the envelope but just take the CD’s or showing the Doctor on the monitor screen.

In the grey image of x-ray film, gas and air will appear in black color but the fat and high density bone from grey up to black sign.

The resulting images are seen on film in particular shades of grey. For example, gasses and air appears black in color while fat gives an appearance ranging from gray to black. Bones are seen as white in color

2. CT-Scan Machine

CT-Scan is also known as Computerized Tomography Scanning which the high sophisticated technologies with an accurate result by analyzing a human body slice one by one. This machine is still using x-ray radiation exposure.

Radiologist or X-Ray Doctor will interpret the image by comparing with the normal one or differentiate the normal sign. The process of CT-Scan is rather complicated because the x-ray beam which passing through the people body will be captured by the detector and then converting the beam result in the monitor.
CT-Scan is of course more expensive and developed technology than x-ray machine.

3. MRI Machine

MRI is also the sophisticated imaging to view the different parts of human body including soft tissue and other organs. This machine doesn’t use x-ray radiation like x-ray machine and CT-Scan. We admitted that this scanning is very accurate and detailed image to uphold the right diagnosis.

The process of MRI is the large magnets and radio waves produce oscillating magnetic area of the patient’s body then to be scanned; the signals are captured by the MRI machine and then converted in the monitor of computer in 3-Dimension Image. Radiologist can understand the normal and abnormal signs of patient’s body.


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