Information and Function of ECG TestEchocardiography or ECG is one of the important diagnostic tools in the Medical Center in the world and well-known as live saving device.

This tool is to test electrical activity of the heart by using conductive leads around 10 or 12. External equipment that located in the chest, arms and legs areas is mentioned as small adhesive pads.

This procedure doesn’t make painful for the people who undergo ECG test but they will feel a little bit pain or discomfort if it’s removed from their skin. The other advantages are safe, inexpensive, simple and non-invasive. This device is also proper test for the children.

If you do this test, you should relax and not in tension due to the recording may change. Some factors to be attention because it can be wrong result due to low body temperature, leads position is not proper and imbalance of blood with low sodium, magnesium or potassium.

Some patients have experience with this device if detected or suspected by chest pain, the age more than 40 years and emergency cases. Regular Medical check-up has also option for ECG test. The procedure is supervised by Doctors, Cardiologist, Nurses or ECG Technician. They want to get speedy result for exam conclusion.

ECG machine is very good diagnostic tool if patient has special symptoms like:

– Irregular heart beat

– Chest pain

– Short of breathing

– Fainting

– Difficult to breath

Many Doctors or Specialist need their practice rooms are equipped by ECG machine to anticipate difficult patients with the symptoms above mentioned but for Emergency Room or Intensive Care Unit is to be compulsory device to save the patient’s live.

ECG Device functions can detect some diseases or abnormalities such as:

– Coronary arteries diseases which a plaque attach on the inner wall of coronary arteries. So the heart will maintain its flow of regular blood for the body and this abnormality can be detected by ECG.

– ECG can detect work of heart in fast or slow pace and the damage of other devices like pace makers or another external attach like chest trauma for the heart condition.

– The Doctors or Cardiologist can analyze of the size and location of the heart’s chambers.

Many patients end up deadly because of heart attack or sudden cardiac deaths and don’t help by ECG test. If they use this tool at least can reduce percentage of heart attack. The advantages of using ECG are to assess long term impact from sudden cardiovascular death and also to reduce the death rate from Cardiomyopathy.

For your info that Cardiomyopathy is a serious heart disease due to thickening of heart’s wall that influencing the heart rhythm which causes the sudden death.


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