Information about cardiovascular diseaseYou should aware about the causes, treatment and the prevention of this disease because it’s categorized as emergency situation.

If you don’t take care appropriately, it would be a dangerous situation for your life. In this post I will explain more detail information about cardiovascular disease.

Cardiovascular disease is also known as CVD is diseases group that related with heart and circulation that involving the role of atherosclerosis. This condition causes of reduced blood flow within arteries. CVD is caused by this condition.

The process of fatty substances, cholesterol and other hazard materials forms a plague in the blood vessel is mentioned as Atherosclerosis. So the blood cannot flow easily and appropriately.

The bad impacts of this condition are decreasing of blood flow, less oxygen supply and finally damaging this organ of the body. If the blockage attacks heart arteries would be fatal and generally knows as heart attack.

Below the diseases caused cardiovascular abnormality:

1. Coronary Heart Disease

This disease can occur if the coronary arteries which supply of oxygen to the heart is blocked and resulted the blockage. If the heart damaged there is angina when the damage is not permanent or heart attack if the damage is permanent.

Below are the symptoms of heart attack:

– Symptoms would increase gradually in a few minutes.

– Shortness of breath.

– Sense of panic or feel nausea or vomiting for some women.

– Cold sweat or another symptom like light headedness.

– There is chest discomfort such as squeezing or fullness.

– Pain on both arms in the back, neck or stomach.

2. Stroke

This condition can happen if your brain got oxygen through arteries that run through it. When one of these arteries partially or fully blocked your brain become damage and finally to be:

– Stroke with permanent damage

– Or Brain damage.

You should anticipate the symptoms like below:

– Loss of speech

– Loss of vision

– Headache

– Numbness of the face.

– Weakness or paralysis of the side body. It’s usually for arm or leg.

3. Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)

PAD is narrowing of blood vessels to the periphery of your body such as arms and legs that causing not enough oxygen to reach the muscles. Maybe the symptoms are not appear but sometimes it can cause pain on legs when walking or running and will feel better if take a rest. The other symptoms such as the toe wounds are slow to recovery and there is progress to gangrene.

To avoid CVD, you have to be careful about risk factors such as:

–         High cholesterol

–         Smoking

–         High blood pressure

I you do above mentioned, you have PAD to five more likely to get stroke or heart disease.

Prevent CVD as soon as possible by doing tips as follow:

–         Quit smoking now

–         Check your blood pressure regularly

–         Active on physical activity or exercises

–         Eat in healthy food and avoid on fatty consumption.

Cholesterol and CVD is closely related because the higher of total blood cholesterol with higher risk of CVD. So take less of high fat dairy food, fatty red meat and some food like biscuit, chips and pastries.


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