How to Handle Sinus InfectionFeeling problems on the nose should be handled appropriately because it can bother your daily activities and maybe also for your job. Many causes that can consider for this disease, the most problem of your sinus is usually from infection causes.

Acute and chronic infection can attack for your sinus. If you suffer from acute infection, after 1 week medication, the disease will go away but if there is chronic infection, the disease will recur or take time for recovery.

There are 4 sinuses or air-containing cavities located on the head or cranium and situated in the ethmoid. frontal, sphenoid and maxillary sinuses. These sinuses start to develop early in fetal life for everybody until completely developed in the seventeenth or eighteenth year.

The causes of chronic sinus infections as follows:

– Allergy
– Sinus and nasal obstruction
– Face or head trauma
– Infection of respiratory system
– Airborne fungus.

After you suffer Chronic Sinus Infections will appear of the symptoms like below:

– Difficulty of breathing
– Your sense of smell reduced
– Feel headache
– Severe or moderate congestion
– Fatigue and ear pain
– Nausea and also sore throat

Some people will try to cure by themselves like to take pain killer, cold drugs and antibiotic before going to the Doctor if the disease getting worse. For mild sinus infection, the drugs that mentioned before can help temporally.

How to detect Chronic Sinus Infections

1. Doctor or Specialist will examine your physic and medical record before sending the next test. Laboratory test will be also checked to combine with diagnostic tools. There are 2 kinds of tests for example sinus cultures and allergic test.

2. Paranasal sinus x-ray is to be the first test.

3. MRI and CT-Scan to show the detail result of causes root.

4. Nasal Endoscopy is the other choice of Doctor’s needs. The Medical team will insert flexible and thin tube to your nasal area to see what happen inside. Some patient will reject this method because they feel pain and uncomfortable during procedure.

ENT (Earing Nose and Throat) Specialist would handle all your chronic sinus infection and conduct any procedure like medication, allergy test, endoscopy and also surgery if needed.

Based on my experience, if any problems related to sinus infection, inflammation process and swelling on the sinus cavity, TNT Specialist will prescribe some medications like antibiotics, corticosteroid, antihistamins, expectorants, pain killer and so on. Physiotherapy is also a medical tool to cure sinus infection for faster recovery.

Chronic sinus infection can be avoided if you follow some steps:

Healthy and balanced life style with practicing of proper hygiene.
– Doing regular medical check-up to observe any diseases in early stage.
– Stay away from people who contaminated or suspected from a contagious diseases.
– Vaccination from seasonal flu.
– Avoid smoking or polluted regions.
– Drinking enough plain water is also important.

I hope this article useful for you and also for your family.


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