Back Pain at WorkMost people who work at home, office or outdoor area have ever felt back pain in just temporary or permanently. Backache usually spreads from neck region up to tail of the back spines.

Many causes of back pain that you don’t realize at work is the most common problem in nowadays. As long as the back pain doesn’t disturb their work activities, they ignore this problem. “Oh.. it’s only a muscle, doesn’t matter!”.

Multiple causes of back pain at work like small incident or injury, falling down, over burden of work, sitting position, any infection inside or maybe ligament or muscle problems. Unergonomic position is the most common of many worker complaints.

How to Prevent Back Pain at Work?

1. For worker who sitting for long time everyday such as 8-12 hours should take a relax 5-10 minutes after 2 hours working in front of computer screen. You can walk outside to get refresh.

2. Please do not bend forward with your leg straight to do any task at work. It  tends to recur of back pain if you have experienced it before.

3. Do not decrease of shoulder position in too forward or flexing it too much. Joint space and surface of disc back spine will be disturbed due to this position. Soft tissue and nerve roots of vertebre spine will get over-burden and make you feel pain later. Nerve problems is also the cause of back pain.

4. Lifting anything at work such as box, book package, etc which more than 10 kg with closer it and keep your back straight (not bend forward). Heavier weight should be done with helping of tools.

5. Foot support is needed to make your leg more comfortable. By this way the muscle of thigh, ankle and achilles tendon will get more relax.

6. Light exercise is a good activity to keep your facet joint of  back spine more flexible. Swimming and jogging is the best way for exercise if your office provides these facilities.

7. We have to admit it that more age (elder people) who still working will tend to get more back pain, so working load, chair choice, right position of sitting and stress should be managed properly. Please be noted that the strength of disc, joint space and pedicles of back spine are not strong as a young people.

8. To prevent back pain totally and to avoid medical treatment, you can also manage the other steps such as:

– Keep your walking posture normally and naturally.

– High heel is not good for women if used for long time.

– Overweight and over pelvic fat should be decreased.

Healthy life style is also good to prevent back pain.

– Using the backpack is a better choice than pick it with your hand every going to office.

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