Be aware of Breast CancerBreast cancer is the dangerous disease for the women besides uterine cancer. Base on the World Health Organization (WHO) data, there are millions of people death due to breast cancer every year.

Developing countries have suffered more than developed countries because of better medical treatment and awareness of better health life.

Women should be aware about their breast condition. The older of their age will increase of the breast cancer risk. Breast health knowledge and regular check up are very important to anticipate the worse impact of breast cancer.

This disease can be treated if detected in early stage. Below is the medical diagnostic equipment for detecting the breast cancer:

  1. Mammogram
  2. Breast Ultrasound
  3. Laboratory Test

Before you do the test above, awareness is the most important thing for early sign and symptoms. Checking you’re your own breast every morning. Look and feel your breast, it’s still normal or not. If you have lump or cyst for example, I’m sure you can feel it. Get treatment to your Doctors before they develop in dangerous stage.

There are risk factors of breast cancer:

–         Family history

–         Alcohol consumption

–         Overweight factor

–         Reproductive system influences

–         No active people

–         And so on

These are the symptoms of breast cancer that you should know:

–         Pain in the one side or both side of your breast.

–         The nipple of your breast has turned or pulled in.

–         Bad experience of the nipple pain.

–         Breast shape and size have changed.

–         The skin of the breast has changed.

–         You feel lump of thickening in the breast area.

Write the abnormalities that you feel and look. The symptoms above not all related with breast cancer but may be the other diseases such as breast cyst, nodules, inflammatory process, axillary lymphadenopahty, lipoma and so on.

See your Doctor if you feel the difference of your breast and ask for to check with diagnostic equipment to ensure those symptoms and appearance are categorized as normal condition or not.

No breast cancer with early detection and we hope beautiful breast is a must for all women in the world. So breast detection in earlier is very important thing.


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