Diet FoodsHealthy lifestyle is the most wanted for everyone. Diet guideline is one of the important factor to get an optimal body shape. Mother and young women are often faced this difficult matters. But the problem is : They are still confused about what they should or should not eat and the other steps which to be followed.

There are 3 Secrets about Diet Plans.

A. Appropriate Nutrition

1. Choose your Nutritious Diet. The first step that you must follow is choosing the variety of foods. They should healthier, easier to prepare and tastier. House wife has a role to set this task or to be delegated to her house maid.

2. Eat less sugar and fat. I know that foods containing with sugar and fat are delicious but be careful.. they are usually not healthy. Fried foods, full cream product, snacks, syrups, soft drinks, sugar should be limited.

3. Please eat more fruit, vegetables, cereal and breads. Potato, dark green vegetables, corn and so on are the good choice. Too much salt is also not recommended because it can raise the blood pressure. Using little salt for cooking is still OK.

4. Drink more water. 1-2 liters of water is enough.

B. Active Lifestyle

Yes, You must be active everyday! Why? Your body will burn your more fat so it can be reached in an ideal body. I do not ask you to take part on sport but please you can do by yourself in:

– Parking your car to parking lot and walking at least 100 meter to your office.

– You prefer take stairs than taking lift.

– Home chores like sweeping, car washing, gardening and so on.

– But when you like a gym is better regarding appropriate with your lifestyle.

C. Life Pattern Improvement

1. Control your weight. Avoid obesity and take twice of food serving.

2. Reduce your alcohol and quit smoking due to the negative side effects.  For alcohol intake, 1 glass a day is enough or you just take it only occasionally.

3. Increase protein like fish, etc.

My suggestions:

– You can consult and discuss with your family Doctor for whole Diet Plans or learn Diet Solution Program which tailored with your needs. Factors of Age, sex, body weight, pathology history, etc can influence your maximum result.

– Please limit coffee and tea if you can.

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