Femur FractureFemur or we call it as upper leg extremity is one of the strongest bone beside pelvic, back spines and thoracic bones in our body. Femur or thigh can occur fracture or broken such as on the neck femur and the body.

Dislocation can also happen on the coxae joint or on the femur head which come out from the acetabulum or socket. Femur is from coxae up to knee joint. Only hard force or pressure can make this bone broken except you have an abnormality like osteoporosis or bony tumor.

To visualize of femur fracture, we can use upper leg and pelvic x-ray with 2 basic positions such as frontal and lateral or axial views. If the patient cannot move because of their bad/critical condition we can manipulate it with horizontal x-ray. With this position we can still see the figure of thigh bone without worsening of patient’s condition.

Severe injury of the femur bone could be from falling from the high place, car accident or motor cycle collision. Stress fracture for your thigh is also commonly involved.

This bone that regularly bear weight and receive the most shock from high impact activities is more susceptible. Please decrease in intensity, duration and frequency that lead to stress fracture which can make the femur fracture.

How to Handle Femur Fracture:

1. It can be dangerous if occur in complete or multiple fractures. The Surgeon can insert a metal rod down the center of the thigh bone. Sometimes the intramedullary rod remains in the bone for the patient’s life. The purpose of this treatment is reliable anatomic stabilization.

2. The other treatment is using a plate and screws or an external fixation. This option is selected depend on the type of the femur fracture.

3. Handling femur fracture is more difficult if the patient has severe osteoporosis or arthritis. Surgery can weaken the patient condition. Any choices which chose by Surgeon, we hope that is the best solution for the patient.

Recovery time usually ranges from six up to ten weeks. For severe surgery and involved pathological abnormality like osteoporosis maybe takes more time. To increase recovery time and make in strength you must take calcium, milk and another drugs or food supplements which prescribed and recommended  by your Specialist.

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