Tooth BrushBrushing tooth is one of the good habit which must be built as a healthy life style since a childhood.  Teeth brush purpose is not only clean but also ensure clean up for every tooth.

Please brush twice a day and do it every day to prevent plaque damage. Micro organism on the plaque can lead to dental cavities. To remove plaque continuously and daily is preferable to brush after breakfast, going back party and taking any small cake.

Tooth Brushing Guidance:

1. Please slowly and do not rush your brush, it will cause the gums recede exposes the root surfaces.  Sensitive tooth will lead the worsening condition.

2. You can use fluoridated toothpaste properly in amount. Replace your brush when the bristles begin to spread.

3. Daily care is the best way to remove plaque from your teeth surface. Plaque is primary cause of tooth decay and gum diseases. Several cleasing or mouth wash is better after teeth brush.

How to Brush Tooth Properly?

This technique is commonly recommended by the Dentist :

1. Using a soft bristled brush. Please make sure that you use the right size, it’s usually smaller is better the bigger or you can choose adjustable with your mouth and teeth sizes.

2. Bristles are placed 45 degree angle to the teeth and slide the tips of the brush under the gums.

3. Circular movement of the bristles is good to remove plaque, it’s usually exist under the gums.

4. Brushing the inside surface of the front teeth from the upper and the lower jaw by tilting the brush vertically. Teeth and gum tissue must be brushed up and down several times.

5.  Outside of our tongue side and chewing surfaces of your teeth must be brushed also.

6. Tongue brushing  will also help eliminate your bad breath. For your noted that tongue the place of bacteria and debris.

To keep your teeth healthy, regular Dental Check-up is recommended at least one a year. At that time you can do cleaned and scaling professionally by your favorite Dentist. Dentist is aware for your teeth health like thorough examinations, mouth, tongue and gums.

He or she will detect if any disease or problem during Dental Check-up. By maintaining your oral health, you never got a serious problems in the future. That’s your important asset which you must keep forever.

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