Mother healthHi.. Mother, please be careful about hypertension! It has no symptom. Hypertension means high blood pressure and is present if your blood pressure more than normal levels.

Blood pressure is measured in millimeters of mercury (mm Hg). We suffer hypertension if our pressure is higher than 140 (normal systolic pressure) or 90 (normal diastolic pressure). So we keep this pressure below 90.

What causes it?

Most of cases (90%) cannot be identified. The pressure of our arteries is high because the heart pumps too hard and the arteries are too narrow. Sometimes, hypertension is caused by kidney problems or the excessive amount of alcohol which you consumed.

How to prevent this Cardiovascular Disease?

1. Don’t smoke and drink alcohol in moderation. If you can’t stop smoke, it will stop you!

2.  Maintain your healthy weight.

3.  Eat the balanced diet. Low fat diet please..

4.  Keep control over other health problems like diabetes and high cholesterol.

5. Manage your stress level, take time a while for relax every day.

6. Be active just 20-30 minutes exercises most days and will dramatically improve your wellbeing. Exercise regularly!

7. Put away the salt shaker! Use only the little on your food.

Mother HealthWhat are risks if you have it?

Stroke and heart attack will be waiting you compare with the normal people who have the normal blood pressure.

If you feel quite headache in rare condition, that’s one of the symptom of hypertension.

How to cure it if we have suffered hypertension?

– Antihypertensive medication is the answer to reduce your high blood pressure. After that, please take the healthy lifestyle for avoiding a lifelong commitment to drugs.

In the last minutes, put your mind at rest and get your blood pressure checked today. If everything is still normal, it should be measured every 1-2 years by your family Doctors or Nurses. Mother have age more than 40 years have to be checked regularly.

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