How to Reduce High Cholesterol SafelyCurrently, we often find the people suffered high cholesterol level if tested in the Medical Laboratory. Cholesterol function is important for your body to make metabolism process working properly if there is in normal range level. If it’s too much cholesterol can lead any problem for your health.

For your information, cholesterol can be found within the blood cells and actually, we need cholesterol for producing the membranes of body’s cells and the other body functions like hormones balancing. The bad sides of high cholesterol level are narrowing the arteries and also restricting the blood flow.

The excess of cholesterol deposit will affect your arteries because it builds plaque and finally will block the arteries. It’s well-known as Atherosclerosis. This abnormality can lead to Cardiovascular Disease that most leading cause of death in the world.

Some people suffer high cholesterol level without symptoms. So it’s recommended to check Cholesterol at least once in 3 years. For you who has a history of diabetes or high cholesterol in the family can check more often.

There are 2 indications for your cholesterol level:

  1. GOOD Sign : If HDL (High Density Lipoproteins) is higher is better.
  2. BAD Sign : If LDL (Low Density Lipoproteins) is lower for optimal health.

How to Reduce High Cholesterol Level Safely?

1. Arrange your Diet

– You shouldn’t eat saturated or trans fats that increase the amount of LDL.

– Lower your Cholesterol level by eating less meat, butter, cakes, biscuits, egg yolks, buns, Danish, crisp and high-fat dairy products.

2. Maintain your Health Weight

–  Don’t be overweight because it can enhance LDL and decrease the HDL.

3. Keep Physical Active

If you are active, actually will prevent weight loss and lower cholesterol level. I think 10 – 15 menit is enough time to make your body health.

4. Using Supplements and Medication

Doctors will give you prescribed medication to lower your cholesterol level. It’s better if combined with another steps like regular physical activity and healthy diet.

Cholesterol is very important for our body function that produced by our heart and diet program. Keep it in normal range because it’s very dangerous thing for leading of heart disease. By controlling regularly, obtain with natural methods or consume supplements safely can make your body always healthy.


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