Breast Cyst ImageBreast cyst is a very common disease for women. It can be suffered by them due to the menstrual cycle, breast feeding, pregnancy period, hormone changes, menopause time or the other factors.

Most of mothers or women cannot distinguish between breast cyst and cancer. The first stage of them are generally the same. but the following stages are different. Breast cyst  usually attack the women above of 30 ages but it’s not possible to be suffered the one below of 30.

The Symptoms of Breast Cyst

If you are the woman that feels your breast like tenderness, chills, swelling, appearing of lump and body ache radiated up to armpit area would be checked to your Doctor. The lump can be small (micro cyst) that’s less than 5 cm or macro cyst that’s bigger than 5 cm. Cyst is known as Fibrocystic and filled with fluid.

How to Detect Breast Cyst?

Your Physician will take you to other tests such as ultrasound or mammography examinations. If it’s harmful, you feel severe pain and also the suspected cyst is more than 5 cm will be punctured (Biopsy) and analyzed in Laboratory Department.

Ultrasound image that describes a breast cyst will be seen as a black sign due to the lobule is filled by the fluid and with the sharp border. Grey sign of ultrasound would be the FAM or lump. Regular breast ultrasound or mammogram is recommended to check the breast health for women.

Treatments of Breast Cyst

1. If the cause of breast is estrogen hormone and the lump or painful will disappear after menstrual cycle, I think it’s no need for operation or serious medication. You just do the repeated ultrasound examination every 6 months.

2. When your cyst is bigger than 5 cm, radiated to armpit region, recurrent and very painful, it’s time to be treated properly. You must check and protect it from cancer. Comprehensive test is important steps to ensure whether any following surgery or not.

3. Some cures that you can try is taking vitamin A with high dosage (>10.000) and take antibiotic to reduce the inflammation process. Vitamin E is also good for remedy to eliminate the tenderness.

Your Doctor will do the right treatment depend on the kind of breast diseases. There are some kinds of breast abnormalities such as :

Mastitis, It means any infection on the breast soft tissue that causes the swelling, redness and painful. Bacteria can pass through via nipple during breast feeding.

Tumor, It’s part of the lump and movable freely. If you touch it, you will feel something under your breast skin.

Lump, We call it as FAM. It’s sac and filled by fluid and small size.

Cancer, It’s dangerous disease. We call it as Malignant Process. Immediate action and biopsy are the urgent treatment and it’s usually followed by the breast surgery.

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