Children Abdominal Problems ImageChildren have special problems on their abdomen. In general, children abdomen has fat planes in poorly condition while gas in the small intestine is not usual thing.

These special problems can be detected via radiologic examinations, ultrasound, CT-Scan or MRI. For x-ray test requires at least 2 basic views such as supine and upright projections. Lateral Decubitus position can be done to replace the upright view.

Special Problems For Children Abdomen as follows:

1. Acute Gastric Dilatation

This is categorized as a serious disorder. It’s important to recognize that gastric dilatation may be less significant due to after their first full meal or after excessive air swallowing.

2. Air Distention in the Upper Abdomen

Air distention in the upper abdomen of the infant or children may be associated with esophageal stenosis where the lower portion of the esophageal communicates with the tracheo-bronchial tree or obstruction by parts of the duodenum related with atresia.

3. Paralytic Ileus

It’s usually caused by gastroenteritis, intestinal ischemia or systemic conditions such as sepsis, hypokalemia or neurogenic shock. This distended of ileus is very typical like air-fluid level.

4. Extraluminal Gas Patterns

These problems due to pneumoperitoneum, retroperitoneal, free air or much gas in the portal vein and biliary tract.

5. Appendicitis

Appendicitis is probably the most common of  acute abdominal inflammatory process in children abdomen.

6. Abdominal Trauma

The assessment of abdominal trauma in children is similar to that in adult. One of the most commonly injured organs is the spleen and liver. Sometimes, these injured are very serious and life-threatening. The injured of liver is markedly enlarged and the right hemidiaphragm is displaced upward.

7. Hernia

These are subdivided into internal and external types. Inguinal hernia is very common that affected their scrotum.

8. Visceral Torsion

Splenic torsion is more common than that involving the liver and occur because the organ is poorly fixed anatomically.

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