Triggering Hypertension RiskNowadays, hypertension has been suffered by many people in the world including the young person. Most of them have never known the cause of hypertension itself. In several conditions someone can be more susceptible compared with others.

Hypertension or high blood pressure has 2 types:

I. Primary Hypertension

Primary hypertension is not known certainly of the cause. This is the main hypertension that’s suffered by most people. 90% of the sufferer is from this type.

II. Secondary Hypertension

This type is from a certain cause such as the blood vessel problems or particular part of organs like adrenal gland, aortic system or kidneys. The cause of secondary high blood pressure comes from kidney disease and hormonal abnormality.

The other cause is from drug usage or contraceptive pill which taken by most women to control their birth. There are also adrenalin and noradrenalin that cause of secondary hypertension.

Triggering Factors to Hypertension Risk

1. Genetic factor

Genetic factor is to become the first factor to suffer hypertension. This is primary hypertension due to heredity factor. If one of your family members got hypertension, there is more possibility to you to be attacked by hypertension. You must be more careful and check it regularly to avoid hypertension risk.

Your body weight should be controlled and also checked for your cholesterol level.

– > 200 mg/dl is concluded as bad cholesterol.

– < 40 mg/dl is concluded as good cholesterol.

2. Unhealthy Lifestyle

Young people can get hypertension because of most of them related to unhealthy and uncontrolled lifestyle like consuming fat food, eating overloaded and also take much salty meal.

Drinking too much of alcohol, smoking with less exercises is also triggering factors of hypertension. Physical activities should be done regularly at home or office. Walking and jogging are the simple ways to get healthy without spending much time in the gym center.

3. Contraceptive Usage Effect

Using contraceptive pills must be controlled and consulted with your Doctor to avoid hypertension risk. Some pills containing progesterone and estrogen can cause of secondary hypertension.

4. Uncontrolled Stress and Depression

Prolong stress and depression can cause of hypertension because these factors can influence the balance works of body metabolism.

5. Aged Factor

Based on the research revealed that men can get more hypertension risk than women. Be careful if you are a man. There is also prominent factor for getting high blood pressure. To be noticed that if your blood pressure about 140/80 with your age more than 50 is still normal rate but if under 30 years is classified as hypertension.

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