Second OpinionSome of patients who come to my Hospital are to get a second opinion or they will find about it in another medical center after visiting to my place. This is a common practice in the medical world.

The patients who know better about health knowledge or information will be careful to get diagnosis from their Doctor.

Every medical treatment needs cost, sometimes of negative impacts or another consequences. It’s not included for insurance coverage for medical patient. Second opinion or maybe third opinion is not only for surgical procedure but also for diagnostic matters in any medical fields.

You need a Medical Second Opinion if:

1. You are not sure with the Doctor’s diagnosis. If you know much about this problem and the Doctor said in different one and you have a right to find second opinion. Sometimes that Doctor saying is not supported by diagnostic/laboratory evidence or strong reasons.

2. It’s triggered by unpleasant experience before like mal-practice, unsatisfied surgery, failing medication and so on. Second opinion is important to ensure that the next step will be followed is on the track.

3. You can ask a second opinion for your family Doctor or reliable one if you are still confuse with the treatment from other Doctor.

4. Second opinion is important for more sure about the Doctor’s diagnosis and enhance of medical knowledge.

For your attentions :

1. Doctor/Specialist is also a human. Their skills and accuracy depend strongly on their experience, additional training,  medical equipment, education,  feeling, teamwork, etc.

2. Some of Doctor’s treatments are not necessary and maybe a business oriented, if you are not really sure which they instructed you can reject it.

3. If your life threatened or emergency case, you should follow their action for medical procedure. Reliable Hospital or Doctors are usually believable to perform any medical treatments.

For many developed countries, they will show you or installed on the wall about competence certifications. This way is to make sure that they are very competent and reliable to perform such as surgery, evacuation service, emergency handling, etc. The other word that they are good overall system.

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