Medical Check UpsSome people are familiar with regular Medical Check up because they are employees or staff or the other company workers which do annual test for their company or institution’s needs.

Of course all Doctors in the world have been recommending periodic check ups to mitigate unexpected personal health problems in the future. The ultimate condition can be expensive to treat and even become a fatal if discovered at a later stage.

What is a Medical Check Up?

A Medical Check up is a complete physical and laboratory examination of your body that should be done annually to check your health and detect any problems and a preventive measures for any disease that may be you suffer.

Don’t be lazy to take Medical Check up due to you’re still fit and healthy. I think prevention is better than cure it.

Medical Check Up Options:

There are several options of medical check ups like Basic, General, Comprehensive and so on. But sometimes Hospital or Clinic offer you with packages for example : Driver MCU, House maid, Children, students, etc.

How to choose a good Medical Check Up?

Here are some indications:

1. They have International Standard Healthcare services and facilities like supported by a sophisticated Laboratory and Diagnostic Center including x-ray, Spirometry, Treadmill test and Audiometry.

2. Accredited Health Check by their Government.

3. They have also quality control procedure based on their annual Audit Process Reports.

4. Their Medical Check up can be tailored by your Insurance Need or School Form.

5. Their Staff have high skilled Certificate and Multilingual.

What Parts of the Body are tested?

Every Hospital have different rules about this but I will show you the common examinations as follows:

1. Consultation with General Practitioner, Patient History and Physical examinations.

2. Medical records, Chest x-ray, Vision Test and ECG (Echo Cardio Graphy).

3. Laboratory Test like Complete Blood Count, Blood Group, SGOT, SGPT, Urea, Creatinine, Uric Acid, Glucosa Fasting, Glucose 2PP, Total Cholesterol, VDRL, Routine Stool Test, Routine Urine Test, etc.

4. If you agree, they will offer you recommended options like Pap Smear (for Female only),  PSA (for Male only), Dental Check up, Abdominal and Pelvic Ultrasound, Tumor Markers (Colon-CEA, Lung-SCC and Breast – CA15-3).

I hope Medical Check Up is to be your life style and a routine agenda. Please keep your report at home or office, so you can monitor if someday any problems arise. It’s usually, before Medical Check up is done you must make appointment first and you will be asked for fasting 8-10 hours.

Regular Medical Check ups is Better Quality for your life.

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