Laboratory Test for tumor MarkerThe word “Cancer” will make everyone scared! Sometimes it become them socked and down. Do you have any experience hearing you or your friends about this? Treat this matter with wise way and follow the right procedure which Doctor’s recommended.

Diagnose of cancer or malignancy disease will be followed with some steps further to ensure it’s really cancer or not. Every patient would require some tests like diagnostic checking and laboratory services. Diagnostic tools are like ultrasound, x-ray procedure, MRI, CT-Scan, Mammogram for breast cancer suspicious and others.

The laboratory test services such as blood test, urine analysis and tumor marker. Blood test is the first important thing in clinically to detect of the patient’s amount of white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets. Oxygen transportation to different part of the human body will be shown by red blood cells.

Meanwhile platelets are the body protection from bruising and bleeding easily. Blood test result which’s larger amount of white blood cells it means the body is getting an infection because they are responsible for fighting any infection that attack in the body. Laboratory test is to check the body functionality and how the body’s working against an infection attack clinically.

Tumor marker is one of laboratory indications to ensure the presence of cancer in certain type. This test is done via blood test. The other purpose is to observe the progress of the cancer treatment. Cancer cells produce the blood, body fluids and soft tissue which the substance of tumor marker.

Below are the examples of tumor markers that commonly happen in the human body:

  1. CA15-3 : There is a sensitive tumor marker for breast cancer.
  2. CA-125 : There is a useful marker for monitoring disease progression in ovarian cancers.
  3. CA19-9 : There is antigen has been shown to be elevated in the blood of some patients with gastrointestinal tumors.
  4. CEA : There is the Carcinoembryonic antigen that’ useful to observe patients with various types of malignancies, like gastrointestinal, pancreatic, breast, and lung cancers.
  5. PSA is a useful marker for monitoring disease progression in prostate cancers also for other type of cancer.

Other diagnosis from laboratory test result is also to be considered like urine analysis. Every body will excrete the different substances which filtering within the urine. Doctors also check the tumor marker sign to observe patient’s cancer status. Tumor marker result is good tool to help detecting the possible risk of cancer.

So the conclusion of this cancer possibility base on the result of laboratory test, diagnostic tools findings, patient’s history and related with his/her family, vital sign and also results of physical examinations. Your vital sign includes blood pressure, pulse, breathing and temperature.

Consistent monitoring of cancer sign is to be important thing to ensure which it’s really cancer and final result of detecting the cancer risk base on multiple results of procedures.

If the most results are indicating the cancer risk it means you are suffering the cancer and the Doctors would give you some steps suggestion and recommendations to following treatment and explaining all the risks of medication.


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