Hypertension Risk imageHypertension is a disease to be avoided by everyone because it can bother your job at home or office. The simple step to go down hypertension fast and naturally is going to bed with supine or lay down position for 15 up to 30 minutes in relax condition.

Your heart is a life time machine that takes a rest if works overloaded. Love him if not, you will get trouble and illness or may be deathly attacked. I just to inform you that after getting hypertension or high blood pressure, there are some next risks that follow it.

I think you have known about the parameter of hypertension that systolic pressure is the maximum force of blood in the arteries as the heart beats. A consistent reading of 140/90 mm Hg or higher is considered to be hypertension.

Diastole pressure is the force of blood in the arteries as the heart relaxed between beats. Many Medical Experts said that if your age more than 50 years, 140/90 mm Hg is still a normal pressure.

Hypertension process is explained as a blood pressure is controlled generally by the heart, arteries and kidneys. The heart can pump with more force and put-out more blood at each beat. Using large arteries can lose their flexibility and also some kidneys disorders can cause water retention and lead to be hypertension.

Next Risks After Suffering Hypertension

1. Kidney Damage

Your both kidneys as a filter tool in your body. If hypertension attack you, your blood vessels of both kidneys will narrow and also thicken. So, as I mentioned before that both kidneys as a filter and the function would less fluid and finally will cause waste build-up in the body. It’s a dangerous thing.

2. Stroke

The continues of high blood pressure can damage a blood vessels system and move up which can bleeds in the brain. Stroke can happen can be mild or severe attacks.

3. Aneurysm

Aneurysm is also the side effect of hypertension and cigarette smoking. It can make worsening health for sufferer.

4. Impaired Vision

Hypertension sufferer for long time can make the blood vessels in the eye may burst or bleeding. Partial or total blindness is the result of bad impacts.

5. Congestive Heart Failure

Hypertension is also dangerous for Congestive Heart Failure which a condition the heart muscle becomes weak and cannot be able to pump enough blood. The long process of this disease can be dangerous for your health.

6. Coronary Artery Disease

High blood pressure can block coronary arteries that leads to heart attack.

Hypertension is chronic elevated blood pressure which most patient have no symptoms and you can prevent hypertension naturally.

Some people tend to get hypertension easily than others because of hereditary factor. If you are still young and getting normal result after taking Medical check-up, please be attention if most of your family members got hypertension, because you are easy to get also due to genetic factor.

Please evaluate your weight and medication history to anticipate getting hypertension.

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