Info of Endometriosis risksMany women cannot realize that they suffer from Endometriosis until they have some complaints about their lower area of pelvis. They will feel painful condition because their Endometrial tissue which lining their uterus appear around pelvic cavity. Reproductive system will be affected and contributing to infertility cases due to endometriosis.

Endometriosis can destroy peritoneum cavity within pelvic area including fallopians tube, ovaries and also ligament which supporting the uterus. The response of menstrual cycle is disturbed by this condition such as any bleeding, breaks and dense. But for some cases, it can expel during menstruation period every month.

Below are the endometriosis symptoms that annoying the mothers or women

1. Dyspareunia: endometriosis can make you pain during intercourse with your spouse.

2. Bleeding : Some women can get severe menstrual bleeding as long as suffering endometriosis.

3. Appears Scar tissue : Endometrial implants can bleed at the uterine wall during menstruation period.

4. Feeling pelvic pain : Painful at that area occurs in the following days in the menstruation time because of irritation process.

5. The other symptoms that happen like nausea, dizziness, pain at anus region, pain in the lower abdomen and so on.

Find information and solutions about Endometriosis

– If you have symptoms like above mentioned, please don not hesitate to consult your Doctors especially Specialist of Genaecologist. Physical examination up to palpation steps are taken ensure that your problems are suspected as endometriosis. When you are infertility more than 2 years after getting married is better to be discussed also.

– Areas of uterus, urinary bladder up to both adnexa are the objects of Doctor’s concern. Sometimes, diagnostic tools will be used to diagnose this disease like laparascopy, Abdominal ultrasound up to x-ray test.

– Laparascopy is the right tool to uphold the diagnosis because this method involving tube insertion with supporting by small camera by incision under the your navel. The purpose of this tool is to recognize the tissue and take a little cell to be analyzed. Endometriosis is set to indicate it is still minimal, moderate or severe stage.

– Pelvic or lower abdominal ultrasound is to detect several criteria like the contour, shape and size of the uterus, fallopian tube up to bladder. Any other abnormalities can be also detected like cyst, stone, foreign body, inflammation process impacts, uterus position, obstruction and so on.

– Taking drugs to suppress the ovaries activities such hormone or egg production.

Surgery is rarely taken by the Specialist except it has disturbed your activities and feeling very painful. Operation aims to remove endometrial tissue outside the uterine cavity.

– Radical surgery can disappear of both ovaries and fallopian tubes except you do not need pregnancy or within menopause period.

The other Natural Treatments of Endometriosis as follows:

1. Eat organic food because of far from pesticides and herbicides influences. Contaminated food can increase rate of Endometriosis.

2. Do not take the drinking which storing by the plastics.

3. Take immune system supplements.

4. Doing regular exercises to enhance blood metabolism, oxygen circulations and waste removal.

5. Eat fibre food to increase estrogen clearance from your intestines.


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