Chest Pain ImageChest pain can be suffered by anybody including your mother. Most of you will feel that every chest pain cause is from heart attack, but it’s not totally wrong.

To decide whether the chest pain is from heart attack or others must be detected by diagnostic tools such as physical test, medical record history, chest x-ray, CT-Scan or MRI, laboratory analysis, ECG (Echo Cardiography), etc.

Every symptom related to your chest pain should be faced in high attention because it’s sometimes dangerous for your live. Some of people need emergency treatment if suddenly suffering of chest pain.

There are several Causes of Chest Pain

Chest pain can be from partial or multiple causes such as:

1. Heart attack or Myocardiac Infarction.

2. Pleurisy

3. Pneumothorax

4. Pulmonary Emboly

5. Ribs fracture

6. Pericardinitis

7. Aortic Dissection

8. Pneumonia

9. Reflux Esophangitis

10. Heart Burn

11. Back nerve disorder

12. etc

If you feel chest pain would be followed by the other symptoms for example difficult to breath, stomach pain, cough, overly sweat, cold, etc.

Chest pain happens it’s impossible without any triggering other disease or habit. There are many things that drive it like negative side effect of smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes or genetic factors.

If your mother or family feels chest pain at home, the first steps that you must check is their blood pressure, heart beat/ pulse rate, respiratory rate, temperature, strange sound from within the chest area and vision ability.

First Aid Training should be implemented to save your family live at home before Medical Expert help come.

Every Doctor who handle the patient with symptom of chest pain will check with multiple tests before deciding the truly diagnosis or the real cause of chest pain. It’s strongly related with the further treatment and process rehabilitation. Save the patient’s live is to be the first aim.

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