Women health info on specific diseasesWomen or mothers should be concerning seriously about their health. Health concern of women is different from men.

Female health is facing the variety of specific challenges starting from baby up to menopause stage.

Men are compared with women resulted that women are more likely to suffer migraine headache, experience depression,  live longer and further impacts of osteoporosis, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

Women are also less likely to die from injury, lose from their hearing and skip from preventive health screening. The warnings of these issues are to be concern about the fit health and protected from another abnormalities.

Below are the commonly diseases of women to anticipate the further complications:

–         Depression : Women to keep their emotional because it can attack in any age.

–         Diabetes : Diabetes should be checked regularly during pregnancy process.

–         Obesity : Obesity will cause some medical conditions that’s why you should know the waist measurement and understand of BMI (Body Mass Index).

–         Breast Cancer : Annual screening should be done after your age 40 and tested with Breast ultrasound and Mammogram. Besides that you must aware with the breast physically.

–         Uterine Cancer :Women are vulnerable to be attacked by uterine cancer because the areas of uterus and adnexa are close to bacterial spread from intercourse and anal region.

–         Hypertension : Your High Blood Pressure should be checked regularly especially if you have symptoms  to avoid stroke and heart disease.

–         High Cholesterol : Bed cholesterol level is advised to be tested starting from 20 or base on Doctor recommends.

–         Cervical Cancer : For women if you are still active for sexual activities and get pap test although your age is more than 65 or menopause.

–         Bowel Cancer : This cancer is really deathly attacked on further stage.

–         Osteoporosis : Don’t forget to test with BMD to anticipate any other complication of osteoporosis.

–         Calcium Deficiencies : After delivering of the baby and ages factor, women gets their bones decrease gradually of the density. So it’s vulnerable of bone weakness and fracture.

It’s important thing to maintain the healthy body if started process as early as possible to avoid the other medical complications and at least to minimize the negative effects which probably arise.


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