Bone xray imageMany patients who visited to my Hospital or Clinic asked me about what the functions of bone x-ray. Generally, they only know that bone x-ray is to see bony fractures or kind of broken.

Yes, they are not false. One of the function of bone xray is to see broken bone. In this momment, I would like to explain more detail about the objectives of bone xray. Xray is the main weapon for the Doctor to diagnose everything inside the patient’s body.

Making bone x-ray is quick, simple and not feeling pain for the patient but the problem will arise if the patient suspected for any fracture or abnormality because X-ray Technician will make any position or rotation to make an ideal views of radiography, that’s sometimes hurt for the patient.

What is Bone X-ray For?

1. To Detect of Fracture or Dislocation

X-ray test becomes the first choice to see any fracture or dislocation like on legs, hands, elbows, shoulders, ankles, knees, back spines, pelvic and the areas.

For your note that x-ray is done for children, it’s better to make comparison between left and right side. Why? Because their bones are still growing and like fracture but actually is not. That is normal variant because of ephypise (early stage of growing bones).

2. Bone Age

In this case, you have to take x-ray due to any abnormality of  skeleton system and it’s not from trauma reason. Many children in the world do not grow in normal steps. Sometomes getting over-growth or less-growth. The Doctor will asses the bone (usually taken from Left hand x-ray) and to be compared with normal growth.

3. Metastatic Bone Survey

Cancer or malignant process is a dangerous disease. Before surgery or any other treatments, Specialist will analyze with bone survey. This x-ray to see of spreading this disease in other location like on brain, pelvic, chest area and so on.

4. Congenital Disease

Some people is getting unlucky due to their bone are abnormal condition. Specialist or Medical Expert will try to repair this condition and must know first everything before treatment. The bone will be checked thoroughly to ensure about the reasons like underdevelopments, overdevelopments, any mutation or chromosomal aberrations, and etc.

5. Bony Infections

Infection is also the cause the disease of your bones. Widespreads of using antibiotics and the other uncontrolled drugs consumption can make significant disease like osteomylitis.

6. Skeletal Changes

The other reason of bone x-ray is like hypo- or hyperfunction of the endocrine glands that are  known to produce skeletal changes. Pituitary basophilism or basophil cell adenoma on this subject will be responsible for abnormality like osteoporosis, backache, multiple fracture without trauma, etc.

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