SOP of Abdominal x-ray for adult patientWe admitted that chest x-ray is the often radiological test. Besides that, abdominal x-ray is also important to be known especially for new visitors and new x-ray patients.

The purpose of knowing SOP of abdominal x-ray as follows:

– It’s important to minimize radiation exposure and x-ray repetition by X-Ray Technician.

– To avoid miscommunication between patient and Radiographer.

– You should understand what X-ray Tech has to do.

– Be careful if you are pregnant or suspected pregnancy.

– For your info that this standard operation procedure of abdominal x-ray is for only normal patient (male or female categories) but not for emergency or older people.

Below is Step by Step of Standard Operating Procedure of Abdominal x-ray for Normal Adult Patients:

– The patient who comes to x-ray department will checked first by the Staff about her/his referral letter from the Doctor including kind of x-ray, diagnosis matter, special request and the other important notes.

– Registration, filling patient data up to payment ways is the next steps.

– The patient takes their cloths (shirt, trouser, skirt, bra) off and also the accessories (plastic and metal things). Sometimes, the accessories are parts of your cloths. Actually, underwear is OK but if there is metal or buttons over there, must be removed also.

– Position for the position can be standing or lay down (supine) on the table is OK with central point arund navel area.

– Adjust the patient in central line on the table or standing bucky.

– The x-ray beam is limited only for abdominal objects area. This is part of reduction of x-ray radiation.

– Xray condition is also tailored with the object thickness in control table like mA, second and kV.

– While exposure, the patient in exhale position and stop breathing with not moving.

– Using gonad-shield is permitted if the Doctor requests it. Restricted area is avoided because it’s afraid will cover the abnormality objects. For children patients using gonad-shield is recommended but not for adult patients.

– After examination done, the patient is allowed to put their cloths on wait until their x-ray films printed.

– Abdominal x-ray will cover all lumbar spine, sacrum, coccygeus, psoas line and pelvic bones.

Actually, abdominal x-ray is similar with lumbar x-ray. Some of X-Ray Technicians will make collimation for lumbar spines and will be added another position like lateral and oblique views. These positions depend on the Doctor’s requisition.

After you understand the standard operating procedure (SOP), you should know also what abdominal x-ray for and identifying of abdominal problems. All knowledge about abdominal x-ray is very useful to avoid Mal Practice and make you more comfortable.


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