Children x-ray protection imageX-ray radiation protection for children is very important thing in Hospital or Clinic especially at Radiology Department. Safety First is the basic principle that must be implemented in real examination.

The parents who bring their children to do diagnostic test will be happy due to the perfect of x-ray radiation protection. Children can involve in some examinations related to x-ray machines such as General X-ray, Panoramic, Dental x-ray, Cephalometry, CT-Scan, etc.

Special treatments for children is a must because they have more radiation risks that adult. Why? Because children have young cells and soft tissue which still in growing process. It has much water content inside the body and more risk for damage.

How to Protect or Reduce X-ray Radiation for Children

1. Communication Before Examination

To avoid repetition of x-ray examination, X-ray Technician or Radiographer must explain about the procedure first to patient if they understand, or to their parent about the function of x-ray steps, no pain test, do not move and afraid during exposure time, importance of protection tools, etc.

2. X-Ray Protection Usage

Children must use radiation protection such as apron, gonad shield, thyroid collar shield, etc. Using protection is adjusted by the posture and age of the children. Do not make the minor injury due to the heavy of radiation protection like apron.

3. X-ray Collimation Restriction

X-ray beam must be tailored with the object of examination. For example, if the object is right hand, so the body of children must be protected.

4. Using Shortest of X-ray Exposure Time

This is the task of X-Ray Technician to reduce the radiation effect in minimal condition. Every Radiology Unit has standard parameter for exposure time that adjusted by  body thickness of the patient. As the parent, you can make sure that the condition is save and not repeated twice.

5. Role of Parent

Sometimes, some children are afraid to do x-ray test because of some reasons like they are scared of the big machine and they think it’s hurt as an injection, they don’t experience before, etc.

Although the children are angry, afraid or crying, x-ray examination must go on. The parent is usually requested for helping by X-Ray Staff to hold their children during exposure time. If there is no parent available, sometimes, Nurse or the other X-ray technician will handle this condition.

6. Using Fixation Devices

Some Hospital have special fixation for children to make them stay fixed and not moving. This tool is safe for children but not all the Hospital have this facilities.

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