Function of breast scanningWomen who have ages more than 30s should check their breast condition as breast cancer screening or other abnormalities.

Any focal symptoms also which you should concern like unusual lump, or pain on the breast and axillary regions.

Breast ultrasound is one of the medical diagnostic tools that you can choose because it proved as 95% sensitivity for cancer or other diseases detections. Tumors, lump, cyst, lymphadenopathy are also effective to be identified.

Breast ultrasound is to be the first choice because, it’s invasive procedure (just little pressing the skin and not pierced) and quick image result. The other advantages, it can access blood flow with color Doppler ultrasound inside the breast and not using of x-ray radiation.

Nowadays, Ultrasound technology becomes complicated and modern by using three-dimensional (3D) or four-dimensional (4D) with more accurate diagnosis. Blood flow vessel, real-time visualization and inflammatory process can be seen directly by the Doctor or Specialist as Operator.

There are other medical diagnostic tools as complementary after breast ultrasound done.

–         Mammography : It’s very common equipment used detect breast cancer combined with ultrasound. Mammogram is very effective medical diagnostic to check breast malignancy.

–         Breast MRI : This equipment is very effective to see abnormality in breast area like soft tissue, lump, tumor and cancer but with higher rate of price compared with mammogram and ultrasound.

–         Breast biopsy : It’s commonly avoided by women because it’s pain and sometimes getting trauma for the patient.

–         Breast Ductogram : This test is to check any abnormalities covering of the shape, size and color of the nipples. It’s clearly diagnosis to see any obstruction inside the nipple that influencing inside the breast. If any mass or lump inside can be seen clearly.

To detect the cancer earlier, women should check their breast by the tools above every 2 years. If you have annual Medical Check-up, it’s better to take option of ultrasound or mammography examination.


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