Ultrasound of testicular cancer and male genital areaTesticles are the important organ of men to produce sperm. Many diseases or abnormalities can happen in this organ like cyst, inflammation, cancer, tumor and so on. Scrotum and testicles are parts of soft tissue organ under the pelvic area. Cancer on the testicles is the disease that avoided by the men because it influences the coitus process and makes it painful.

Ultrasound or ultrasonography is one of the best tools for detecting cancer on the testis. The picture on the monitor of computer is from reflection of the waves by scrotum and testicles. The images of cancer is very specific like coiled long tube tightly due to projection of the back of the both testicles. Sonogram can also observe of the vas deferens and sperm or collected epididymis that connected with prostatic glands to the testicles.

Several important notes about Testicular Cancer:

1. X-ray examination is not suitable to check your cancer of testicle because the images result is not clear in contrast and detailed.

2. Doppler Ultrasound is the proper diagnostic instrument for real time result. The soft tissue transducer of ultrasound machine would turn around from above up to back of your scrotum and send to the computer the sound waves then converted into quality images which would be displayed on the monitor screen as video feature.

4D Sonogram is useful too for You and your family which can see your baby within uterus in real-time like moving, touching, sleeping and so on. It’s really wonderful result! 4D Ultrasound the only machine that can make it like that.

3. The images of ultrasound or CD are yours as evidence at home or for your future memory or reference. The images result is known as sonogram, scan or echogram.

4. Ultrasound is also to evaluate pain and mass that still present or not in your testicular area. The infection or inflammation on the epididymis region can be identified clearly by ultrasound.

5. The other functions of ultrasound are like monitoring twisting in the spermatic cord and recurrence of testicular cancer.

Some Specialist or Doctors are also to refer their patients to locate several diseases such as:

– The fluid collection within testicle and scrotum (hydrocele).
– Spermatocele (Fluid collection within epididymis).
– Hematocele (Blood collection within scrotum).
– Pyocele (Pus within the scrotum).
– As testing for infertility on male patient and not infertility on female patients.
– Ultrasound is good tool for guiding biopsy needle.
– Genital injury is the other target of ultrasound.

There is no preparation for testicular ultrasound except for your prostatic area because your urinary bladder must be full to make good picture for your prostate and bladder. Many patients have requirements to sign the consent form before testicular cancer ultrasound especially after biopsy procedures.

Radiologist or Sonographer will perform testicular cancer ultrasound about 15 – 30 minutes depending on the difficult case. During scanning, some patients are instructed to hold their breath for several times to get the optimal image of genital area. It’s normal procedure. Show the most painful of testicular area to your Doctor who performing the ultrasound to get the maximum examination result.


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