What is OsteoarthritisOsteoarthritis or Rheumatism is actually a common disease for older people. Many of them have never been accident or trauma before and feel painful, stiffness or rough in their joints on the knees, ankle, back spine, neck area and so on. This is a degenerative joint disease because of aging factor. This abnormality is not a dangerous for some people but it will influence their daily activities. Treat it properly is better to anticipate the disease getting worse.

How to Detect Osteoarthritis?

1. Physical Check

For someone who suffers of Osteoarthritis will see any abnormality on his/her area that impacted by Osteoarthritis like swelling, rough, stiffness and uncomfortable feeling.

2. X-Ray Examination

X-ray test is also good equipment to detect Osteoarthritis. The joint disease seems rough, irregular and totally different with normal one. Comparison test is recommended to distinguish between the normal and abnormal one.

To ensure that there is a really Osteoarthritis, 2 Basic Positions of x-ray test is a must like for Knee x-ray. Anterior-Posterior position and Lateral view. You will notice that the xray projection of protective cartilage of the joint is gone.

3. Ultrasound (Doppler Sonography)

With Doppler ultrasound, Osteoarthritis can be detected accurately because of the abnormality like tear, bursitis, any fluid collection, inflammatory process and so on.

4. MRI or CT-Scan

MRI or CT-Scan is a good diagnostic tool for detecting of Osteoarthritis. Besides of bone structure, there is the other abnormality is shown such as soft tissue, nerve system, joint disease and so on.

How to Treat Osteoarthritis

Actually if you suffered Osteoarthritis, it’s difficult to cure perfectly and just to eliminate the symptoms you feel. So, it cannot disturb your daily activities, sport and job performance.

1. Physiotherapy

Besides heating process that you received, Physiotherapist will guide you with some exercises and good advices like:

– How to use tools safely and comfortably for your accessories, sandal, shoes, etc.

– How to makeĀ  a proper position in sitting, sleeping, reading, etc.

– Some advices how to eliminate a painful due to Osteoarthritis negative effects.

2. Diet and Exercise Programs

You can make a balancing action between diet and exercise to decrease Osteoarthritis effects fast.

Some exercises those are beneficial for curing Osteoarthritis such as swimming, cycling and walking. If you feel pain due to these activities.. Stop it! Then take a rest.

3. Medication

Pain killer can be taken if you feel severe pain. Anti-Osteoarthritis drugs are also prescribed by your Doctors if need it.

4. Supported Tools

Some supported tools are very useful to eliminate Osteoarthritis effects. Working aid, hot-water bottle, knee supporting, etc can be used properly.

Osteoarthritis can be avoided if you do activities as a normal portion. So, over-worked, over-sport and over-weight are the main causes of Osteoarthritis.

If you’re still need more information about Arthritis, click here for more review and explanation.

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