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Treatment for Ankle sprain

Ankle SprainIf you like sport, ankle sprain can occur easily. Sometimes we call it “strain”.  Sprained ankle will damage your ligaments which bind the bones of your ankle joint.

The stretch of your ligament capacity exceeds the normal limits then small bleed inside the skin. Ligament could be completely torn. Strong constructed or sudden twist is often happen by runner or jumper.

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Foot Pain Treatment

Plantar FasciitisPlantar Fasciitis is a common condition for mother who have age over 40. Nowadays, this abnormality is also attack on the young people in both sexes.

Plantar fasciitis is also knows as spur formation on the pain, heel Arthrosis. The painful occurs because your heel bottom is sharp about 1- 4 cm.

Heel pain has several causes as follow as:

1. Sometimes, you have no trauma before. Suddenly you feel pain if you walk or run.

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What is Sinus X-ray For?

Sinus x-rayHi mother..  in this moment, I will try to explain about the reasons why your Doctor send you to do Sinus x-ray at Radiology department.

Some of your symptoms are like dizzy, prolong flu, migraine, pain on the face, getting trauma, headache, nose blockage, liquid running nose, a lot of mucus, nose bleeding, foreign body, etc.

Based on the its requisition, X-Ray Technician will make 3 positions as Basic Standard Views. Water’s, PA (Postero-Anterior) and Lateral positions. With these positions, we can see from them such as facial bones, 4 sinuses (maxillary, sphenoid, frontalis and ethmoidalis), nasal septum,  orbita, zigomaticum, mandible, teeth and so on.

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What is Cancer?

CancerAll mothers or anybody will be scared and very sad if knew that one of her family member detected suffering Cancer!

Sometimes, people will ask the differentiation between Tumor and Cancer. Tumor is usually caused by inflammatory process and abnormal soft tissue growth in the body.

We mention tumor as benign Tumor and Cancer as Malignant Tumor because the cell of Cancer can be migration, invasion and mutation to other part of the body.

What is Cancer ?

Cancer is really serious condition in which cell of the body grow in uncontrolled way. Its cell is to be disorganised compared with the normal one. Until now, we still do not understand why the cell become malignant and spread from original fast.

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How to Treat Osteoporosis

Osteoporotic processThis condition is mainly found on mother in middle-aged and elderly stages. Of course men have also risk of osteoporosis. Signs of osteoporosis for mother detected after the menopause come when the periods cease.

What is Osteoporosis?

Osteporosis is a condition of bones become thinning and decreasing of density, so its impact it becomes weak and brittle. If you suspected as Osteoporosis by doing Bony x-ray, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that your life would be over. So you must know early how its symptoms and how to treat it properly.

Why do you have more risk to get Osteoporosis than other mothers?

1. Drink a lot of coffee and alcohol are one of the reason. I think moderate amount of them is still tolerated.

2. If you’re smoker, please decrease it or throw away because it has also a risk of Osteoporosis.

3. Little activity or exercise is not good for your bony health. Watching TV a lot and sleeping too much should be avoided.

4. Overweight is not healthy but too thin and slight is also vulnerable to get Osteoporosis.

5. Lacks of calcium and hormones (Menopause process).

OsteoporosisOsteoporosis can cause broken or fractured of your bones such as on your legs, arms, coxae (Pelvic joints) and also any abnormalities of your vertebral spine. Scoliosis, kifosis, lordosis, compression fracture and other negative effects can attack your spines.

How to treat Osteoporosis?

– Of course it’s better to stop smoking and cut down alcohol and coffee. Maybe this is the hard steps to leave it.

– Consume calcium and vitamin D every day. I think for calcium, 1000 mg to productive mother is enough and 1200 mg to elderly.

– Regular exercise for example walking in 15-30 minutes. With weight-bearing exercise is recommended but adjusted with your age.

– Please discuss with your family Doctors about your diet for low fat products, fish, fruits, etc.

– Ultraviolet ray from sun is also good to get Vitamin D naturally. Exposed by sun light before 9am in the morning around 20-30 minutes is advised.

To prevent Osteoporosis is much better than to treat it because it doesn’t take much money and less efforts. I told you that Osteoporosis is a common condition for mother and elderly.

I suggest for mothers who have risk with Osteoporosis because I often found them getting injury to their leg and coxae bones. Be careful if you’re in the bathroom, slippery area, using stairs and may be using high-heeled shoes. Recovery process will take long time if you got fractured.

To know and prevent of Osteoporosis in early stage, be suggested to do x-ray or CT-Scan in Clinic or Hospital.

How to Treat Gall Bladder Stone?

GallstonesGall stones would be suffered by mother, children or anybody. This disease can be attacking the productive or unproductive people.

Sometimes you don’t feel anything like pain or uncomfortable in your abdomen because the gallstones lies on the bottom of the gall bladder. But for the others, gall bladder attack will make you severe pain. The location of pain is around right side of upper abdomen. It can be felt in the back or middle region under your ribs.

How to detect Gall Bladder Stones?

Some people if suspected by gallbladder stones are usually also suffer gall bladder inflammation. We call gallbladder stones as Cholelithiasis and Inflammatory process in gallbladder as Cholecystitis. Abdominal ultrasound can detect both of them.

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Rib Trauma

Rib TraumaTrauma can be crashed to any parts of our body. Fracture injuries to thorax or ribs could be the result from traffic accident, at work or maybe from daily activities.

Mother..  your children are easy to suffer from trauma at school or playing ground at home surrounding. Please remind them to be careful during sports activities. You will see the impacts like compression, bruising or open wounds. For severe and serious injuries can be a fatalistic.

Internal injuries on ribs or thorax involve traumatic Pneumothorax with or without broken ribs. This trauma can be blood in thoracic cage. If there is air in the thorax, we mention it : Hematopneumothorax.

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Some Back Pain Causes

Back PainHi.. mother, in this post I will explain about back pain causes which often suffered by mother or maybe anybody worldwide without knowing what cause it.

I’m sure backache will influence your daily activities at home, office, sport, etc. You usually feel that you never got trauma or accident before. The painful could be from upper or lower back areas.

There are some causes of back pains as folllows :

1. Bone ache or musculoskeletal disorders

Your serious back pain can be a result of the injury one or more  joints or disc of your spine. The injury like this usually happen while bending your spine or lifting something heavy. Be careful if you take something heavy without the right position.

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What is Doppler Ultrasound?

Doppler Ultrasound ImageMother who visit the Hospital and have requisition letter from her Doctor to do Doppler Ultrasound. She will ask me “What is Doppler Ultrasound?”.

Some of them are very familiar with ultrasound test due to pregnancy ultrasound, but others are also still confuse what Doppler ultrasound for. Ultrasound in term is the sound waves of frequencies exceeding the range of human hearing. Doppler it self is a little bit innovations in clinical practice.

The power of Doppler Ultrasound is better agents for anatomy, measurement of tissue perfusion and precise delivery mechanism of soft tissue in color images.

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What is Abdominal Ultrasound For?

Abdominal Ultrasound

To uphold an accurate diagnosis, Doctor/Specialist usually send the patient for doing ultrasound especially Abdominal ultrasound. If the the Operator of Ultrasonography has 3 criterias, I’m sure that the accuracy of diagnosis is 99%.

Before sending you to ultrasound, you must be fasting about 6 hours before examination. No food but can be plain water. It purposes to make your gall bladder size is enlarged, so we can see the problem inside easily. Your urinary bladder should be full of water. Any abnormality is only seen if the urinary bladder is full. To make it smoothly, patient is recommended to drink the water 30 minutes in advance, but keep holding it not to urinate until examination done.

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Normal Chest Xray Criteria

Normal Chest X-rayMany of my patients asked me about the normal chest x-ray criteria if they take an x-ray. I want to share about this to all mothers in the world, so if they have relative, children or her husband have x-ray photo of the lung know about the abnormality indications.

You can see the part names of the Chest first and show you the normal limit signs.  The normal criteria, you can stick from Chest x-ray examination. In this moment I just explain the general descriptions as follows :

1. Lung

Lung contains of 2 lobes, right and left regions. They are usually a black sign in normal condition. “Why is it a black sign?” –> Yes, because they have a lot of air inside. If your lung apex has a white sign, it indicates like bronchovascular markings are coarse or increased that is a sign of Tuberculosis or Specific Process. It can be old process of active pulmonary disease depending on the texture.

There is a white sign on the bronchilar or hilar regions, it’s called Bronchitis. Bronchopneumonia can be seen if the coarse on the lower area of the chest. Chest mass is also can be noticed if the white sign is compact, sharp border, round shape with specific contour.

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Neck Pain Treatment

Neck PainMany of mother and her family come to my Hospital due to their neck pain. They do not know about the causes. Some of them complain about their shoulders pain. They told me that they never got the trauma before.

Please be noted that if you feel neck pain without injury, the main causes of it is postural problems. The other causes are like arthritis, ligament and muscle twisted during your sleep. Mother often blames a cold atmosphere if she feels severe neck pain after wake-up.

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