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What is the Function of Physiotherapy?

What is the function of PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy is one of medical treatment and used by Doctors or Specialist to cure their patient’s problems. This method is an effective way to treat some patients from surgery and traumatic injury to make them back in normal function and fit health.

The other functions of Physiotherapist:

– Relieve the painful of the patients.
– To teach the patient how to walk or doing recovery process after operation. So, the other word is as Medical Trainer.
– One of the solutions to strengthen the bones.

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How to Prevent Neck Pain Effectively!

How to prevent neck pain effectivelyNeck spine is part of your back spine. The power of neck spine is more weakness compare with another spines like Thoracal, Lumbal, Sacral and Coccygeus spines,  so you must be careful about the risk of fracture or abnormality.

For your notice that neck vertebre containing 7 bones which stabilized by ligaments and muscles function for moving. Neck is so fragile or easily broken if you do not treat it properly.

There are some causes of back pain :

1. Trauma or injury that attacking your neck area

Trauma is commonly caused by car or motor accident, sport or working accidents and playing ground or equipment for children. Damage that happens can occur on disc joint, ligaments, and nerve system or muscles parts. The injury of neck can accelerate for your head on forward or backward.

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Ultrasound to Detect Pancreas Problems

Pancreas ultrasound to detect some diseasesPancreas is the organ within the abdomen located in the upper area with oblique position. The main pancreatic duct at its center. Pancreas is divided into 3 parts : head, body and tail. Anterior part of pancreatic head on the gastric antrum and duodenal bulb and also inferior vena cava in the posteriorly. Tail of pancreas is located anterior of left kidney with splenic hilum near its tip. Pancreatic tail in the posterior body of stomach and splenic flexura of large intestine.

Ultrasound is one of the best tool to detect pancreas problems with transverse and longitudinal scanning. If it’s difficult, Radiologist or Sonographer will change the patient in erect position. Sometimes, supine position will make panceras body overlapping with gastric angle. Meanwhile, standing position is better to visualized pancreas if patient drinks some water 300-500 ml. For weakness patient, sitting position is to be another alternative to get good images of ultrasound.

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