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Chest Pain? Check with X-Ray and ECG Tests

X-ray and ECG Tests for Chest PainMany of you often feel chest pain, but there is happening recurrent. Sometimes, muscles or mild colic attacks in the chest region. That’s OK, but if the symptom appears many times and severe pain, please be careful about that. Chest pain is a warning in early step!

Actually, discomfort within your chest should be observed because maybe there is something wrong that threathen your life. Proper handling of this matter can save your life. Significant painful must be checked as soon as possible to know what actually happen.

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How to Reduce High Cholesterol Level Safely

How to Reduce High Cholesterol SafelyCurrently, we often find the people suffered high cholesterol level if tested in the Medical Laboratory. Cholesterol function is important for your body to make metabolism process working properly if there is in normal range level. If it’s too much cholesterol can lead any problem for your health.

For your information, cholesterol can be found within the blood cells and actually, we need cholesterol for producing the membranes of body’s cells and the other body functions like hormones balancing. The bad sides of high cholesterol level are narrowing the arteries and also restricting the blood flow.

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Prevent Bony Fracture

Fractures can happen in any causes like Osteoporosis, accident, stressed, Prevent Bone Fracture, trauma, bony tumor and others. The damage due to fracture can be the stability of body skeleton, bony structure, nerve system, ligament, veins, arteries and soft tissue textures.

Actually, fractures can be prevented if not caused by accident or trauma such as :

1. Every Action in Careful Way
Every activity you do with normal action like walking, swimming, dancing, running, sitting and so on. If you feel the road is not smooth, you can wear shoes, sandal or other protections for your foot. Avoid slide by using comfortable shoes.

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