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Acupuncture Benefits as Effective TreatmentAcupuncture is one of the ways to treat your health problems. It’s currently categorized as Medical treatment in Hospital or Clinic and has been practiced in worldwide reach. If someone hear about acupuncture will remind about needle or puncture. That’s true. It can be described as the process of inserting the fine needles into body’s surface to influence physiological functioning for the body.

Someone who doing or have special skills for acupuncture treatment is known as Acupuncturist. Before they practice for this field, they have learn about body anatomy, human physiological functions, acupuncture points, balancing theory about body to help curing the illness, theory about pulse, blood circulation, energy force and heart function. Many types of acupuncture needles are also learn and practiced to make an effective treatment. Meridians channel is also the object of experiments.

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Next Risks After Hypertension

Hypertension Risk imageHypertension is a disease to be avoided by everyone because it can bother your job at home or office. The simple step to go down hypertension fast and naturally is going to bed with supine or lay down position for 15 up to 30 minutes in relax condition.

Your heart is a life time machine that takes a rest if works overloaded. Love him if not, you will get trouble and illness or may be deathly attacked. I just to inform you that after getting hypertension or high blood pressure, there are some next risks that follow it.

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How to Treat Pleuritis Properly?

PleurisyIf you feel pain on the chest, it’s not only caused by Heart Attack, Bronchitis, Tuberculosis, Ribs trauma, Bronchopneumonia, or muscle spasm but it can be an inflammatory process of your pleura.

Your left pleura is divided by left diaphragm and upper part of stomach and left kidney organs. For your right side is with border line of right diaphragm and upper part of liver and right kidney organs. Pleuritis is also known as Pleurisy and if generated fluid collection would be mentioned as Pleural Effusion.

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Tuberculosis I would like explain about Pulmonary Tubercolisis. This disease is also known as Koch Pulmonum, specific process or TB. It’s rarely found on developed Countries but often happen in the undeveloped or developing countries.

Even though, we must be careful if see our family members have the symptoms or suspected suffering of pulmonary tuberculosis.

Pulmonary tuberculosis is caused by infection of growing bacillus called as Micobacterium tuberculosis. You can suffer it by transmission through inhalation from infected people.

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How to Treat Kidney Stone?

kidney stoneKidney stone is one of the disease which can cause the severe pain for the sufferer. Both kidneys, ureters and urinary bladders are urinary system in our body.

Stone is located not only in kidneys (right or left side or maybe both sides) but also in ureters or bladder. Kidney stone can experience a backache, abdominal pain, bloody and cloudy urine, fever and another bad feelings.

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Neck Pain Treatment

Neck PainMany of mother and her family come to my Hospital due to their neck pain. They do not know about the causes. Some of them complain about their shoulders pain. They told me that they never got the trauma before.

Please be noted that if you feel neck pain without injury, the main causes of it is postural problems. The other causes are like arthritis, ligament and muscle twisted during your sleep. Mother often blames a cold atmosphere if she feels severe neck pain after wake-up.

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Hi.. Mother.

In this moment, I would like to explain you about the cancer therapy with targeted radiation.

Cancer is the disease that most feared by anyone today. There is a perception that patient who suffering from cancer will face a death sentence. Although the cancer if can be detected since the early stages, the disease can be cured. Even at an advanced stage, the cancer can be just a chronic illness. In other words, you will need treatment to control that disease. So the cancer is no longer a fatal disease which leaves only a few months but can be treated for a live longer.

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