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Information of Abdominal and Pelvic CT Scan

Abdominal and pelvic CT Scan InformationCT Scan of abdomen is usually one package with pelvic region. This test is no pain like doing ultrasound or MRI examinations but CT Scan is using x-ray radiation. The advantages of this equipment, it can detect of patient’s organs like soft tissue, blood vessels, lymph nodes, bone and so on.

CT Scan Patient would be inserted within the machine circles up to their body in central line of the machine to get various angles of positions. The computer will record it as some images on the screen with multiple slices projections.

This examination can diagnose signs of infection, inflammation process, organ diseases on the liver, gall bladder, pancreas, intestines, stomach, spleen, kidneys and intra abdominal organs.

Below is the normal example of Abdomen CT Scan Result for Male from Radiologist which performed with or without oral contrast media:

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Important Info of Head or Brain CT Scan

Brain or Head CT Scan MachineThe brain is very important organ of the human. It is a central of nervous system and the most complex organ within the body. You should be careful about this organ. If it gets trauma and damaged it will be hard to repair or to be normal.

Normal brain is very sensitive organ within the body and very influenced by amount of oxygen, carbon dioxide and sugar within the blood. Any less or lack of the this factor can cause of brain damage or other like meningitis.

There are 2 kinds of head/brain injury:

  • Primary brain injury

This is a direct impact to the brain damaged. It can be bleeding on the surface and deeper of the brain, bruising in the brain and sometimes any penetration in the brain.

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What do You Get From Spirometry Test?

Spirometry TestSpirometry is a test for checking your lung and pulmonary functions. This medical diagnostic tool is also effective way to diagnose the other abnormalities related respiratory system like asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, cystic lesion and persistent breathing disorder. Severe difficult to breath is categorized as emergency situation.

Spirometer as a tool of spirometry will show the graph displayed as spirogram. A curve of the test result will set the volume of air on the Y-axis and in second on the X-axis. This both axis also provide the flow of volume loop that display the volume of inhaled or exhaled time.

The procedure of spirometry is patient to be requested to inhale in the deepest breath as long he possible and will breathe out into the port of sensing in the spirometer. Sometimes he does the fast inhale.

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What is BMD Test For?

Bone Mineral Density Test ForMany people are suffering of osteoporosis but they don’t realize it until they get final result with significant health problem.

There are several types of fracture that caused by osteoporosis. This disease can be considered as diminished Bone Mineral Density (BMD).

BMD test is a tool that’s highly recommended by the Doctors or Specialist to assess the condition of bone. There is a dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry scan which usually recognized as BMD Test. This equipment can detect bone density and any fracture risk with using of limited radiation exposure.

By using BMD Test, bone problems are easily detected like osteopenia and osteoporosis. It shows the amount of calcium and other minerals that present within bone structure. Your health can be identified any future bone risk and developing osteoporosis.

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Information and Function of ECG TestEchocardiography or ECG is one of the important diagnostic tools in the Medical Center in the world and well-known as live saving device.

This tool is to test electrical activity of the heart by using conductive leads around 10 or 12. External equipment that located in the chest, arms and legs areas is mentioned as small adhesive pads.

This procedure doesn’t make painful for the people who undergo ECG test but they will feel a little bit pain or discomfort if it’s removed from their skin. The other advantages are safe, inexpensive, simple and non-invasive. This device is also proper test for the children.

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Endoscopy is A Vital Information Diagnostic Tool

What to know about Endoscopy ToolEndoscopy is one of the useful and important tools to diagnose and treat many diseases and abnormalities of the patient’s problems. This tool is very effective way to fulfill the needs of Doctor’s jobs.

For patients, Endoscopy procedure is uncomfortable and little bit pain during examination. So, they must be relax and do not afraid to face the procedure. Nurse and Doctor will tell the patient what they do up to the procedures have been done.

Below are the cases which covered well by Endoscopy:

– Esophagus area up to stomach.

– Small intestine until colon region.

– Abdominal cavity up to fallopian tubes

– Urinary tract and pelvic projections.

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MRI as Diagnostic ToolEvery patient who comes to Medical Centers needs the accurate diagnostic tools to treat her or his disease or abnormality. The right diagnosis would speed-up the recovery process of his illness. For your notice that every problem has the different treatment including in diagnostic equipment usage.

In this moment, I would like to explain about medical imaging like x-ray, CT-Scan and MRI. X-ray equipment is simpler and cheaper tool compared with CT-Scan and MRI but it’s very accurate to detect any abnormalities of bony structure, fracture and dislocation, bony island and something related with bone area.

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Info and Functions of CT-Scan

Functions of CT-ScanCT-Scan is one of the high technology diagnostic tools in the medical center which takes the images from cross-sectional of the patient’s body. This tool is the combination between using x-ray radiation exposure and computer technology to produce the sliced images of the body from lower abdomen up to head region.

In the past we call it “Computed Tomography”. It was discovered by 2 British engineers Sir Godfrey Hounsfield and Dr. Alan Cormack and then developed by Italian Radiologist in 1900s with the goal to capture the images from the body in cross-sectional projections on the film. This application then developed more sophisticated in 1970s.

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Standard Operating Procedure of Chest X-ray for Normal PatientMany people will go to Hospital or Clinic because of some reasons such as:

– Doing Medical Check-up.

– Any urgent conditions like accidents, trauma, suspect fracture or dislocation, chest pain, short of birth and so on.

– To cure any diseases or abnormalities like surgery and operation.

– To find second opinion for medical matters.

– To do some diagnostic and laboratory examinations.

– Any program of Clinic Tour.

– Health consultations.

– To buy Medical kits like First Aid Kits, Burning Emergency Kits, Traveler’s Kits and so on.

– Doing medical and health training programs for example Occupational Health Program, First Aid Training and so on.

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What is Difference of X-Ray and MRI?

X-ray and MRI ImageX-ray and MRI, both of them are diagnostic tools in upholding the right diagnosis but they are actually difference machines. They are usually placed in Radiology Department and operated by Radiographer which working together with Radiologist.

Most of Doctors have sent their patients to find disease or abnormality before doing medication or the further medical procedure. X-ray and MRI have their advantages and disadvantages and requesting Doctor will decide whether the patient need x-ray, MRI or both of them.

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What is Barium Enema or Colon Inloop?

Barium Enema ImageBarium Enema test is one of the x-ray examination. The patient is instructed to make in comfortable position and injected of  Contrast agent up to intestinal tract (colon organs) with cannula via rectum.

Contrast media is important to see any mucosal abnormalities in the bowel until rectum region. Visualization of the colon segments with several positions like prone (stomach closed to the table), supine (face-up position), oblique up to erect projections.

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About Fracture and Dislocation

Fracture and Dislocation ImageFracture and dislocation is often happen together or separately in the accident or falling down. If you feel pain, bruise, blue sign and accompanied by sound on your bone or bony joint, it’s suspected for fracture or maybe dislocation.

For joint pain is usually with sensation of discomfort, inflammation and stiffness. Fracture and dislocation need fast response and treatment to avoid the further complications.

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