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What is Abdominal X-Ray For?

What is Abdominal x-ray forI write this post with Title: “What is Abdominal X-ray For? Because many of my patients who come to my Hospital have questions like that.

In this moment, I would like to explain more detail about what all I knew, why many Doctors or Specialists sending their patient to do Abdominal x-ray.

Abdominal x-ray is also known as Plain Abdominal Radiograph because it’s done without preparation or fasting like BNO-IVP, Colon-Inloop, HSG or another diagnostic examinations.

The reasons of making Abdominal x-ray are below:

1. The simplest way to detect any abnormality without preparation if patient feels colic or emergency case in the abdominal area.

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What is Prostatic HypertrophyProstate hypertrophy is a common abnormality for men who have age above 40 because of their prostatic gland was enlarged. But some men with their age below 40 also got prostatic enlargement.

This organ is located within pelvic minor region or pelvic cavity which bordered by the levator ani inferior muscle and pelvic brim superiorly.

The normal prostate is like doughnut-shaped that lie in the inferior of the bladder. This organ is an accessory male sex which emits a milky secretion that enhances sperm motility.

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More Healthy & Balanced LifestyleMany challenges of people who reside in the big cities nowadays. They work so hard and must also manage their activities with balancing of their body’s health and mind. Complete steps should be taken for their mental, physical and social matters.

Their mental and mind have to be kept in healthy perspective for supporting their brain performance. The roles of brain are really complicated such as influencing the behavior, walking, eating, every action, thinking, speaking, emotion and so on. This characteristic is common for human being.

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