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What is Osteoarhritis?

What is OsteoarthritisOsteoarthritis or Rheumatism is actually a common disease for older people. Many of them have never been accident or trauma before and feel painful, stiffness or rough in their joints on the knees, ankle, back spine, neck area and so on. This is a degenerative joint disease because of aging factor. This abnormality is not a dangerous for some people but it will influence their daily activities. Treat it properly is better to anticipate the disease getting worse.

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How to Prevent Hepatitis?

How to Prevent HepatitisThere are 4 kinds of Hepatitis. Those are Hepatitis A, B, C and E. This disease is caused by the inflammation in the liver. The common causes of Hepatitis such as toxins, virus, bacterial infection, some drugs, excessive of alcohol use and dangerous drinks and other diseases.

Many ways why most of causes enter into the body via the bowel from contaminated food or water, contacted with infected people or transmitted by uncooked fruit, vegetables, ice or others.

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Common Pelvic Pain in Women

Pelvic Pain in Women ImagePelvic pain is commonly suffered by women or mothers compared than men. There are 2 type of pelvic pains. The first is “Acute”. You will feel very painful in short time. Your Doctor will do operation because of acute pain.

The second type is “Chronic”. Your pain is moderate and last longer. Sometimes the pain will increase gradually. Anything you suffered, medical test and treatment should be done to cure your pelvic problem causes. This goal is to eliminate any serious disease and finally to be permanently.

Doctors will do several diagnostic tools before deciding to treat you (therapy proces) because there are several organs in pelvic area that influence the causes and symptoms of pelvic pain in women.

Medical hystory of patient, physical examination and complete diagnostic tests are fully considered before therapy process started.

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