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Identifying of Abdominal Problems

Identifying Abdomen ProblemsAbdomen is one of the main causes of your health problems so far. The Doctors suspect it as acute or chronic diseases. For the first test, Medical Experts will examine the patients with some important positions of x-ray before doing further or sophisticated equipment in Hospital or Clinic.

There are some positions of Radiograph for Abdominal Problems:

1. Supine Position for Antero-Posterior Projection : This position is to obtain an acute problem for weakness patients. This vies is also known as KUB.

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Steps to Make Liver HealthierLiver is one of the most important organs in your body. It’s located under your right diaphragm in your abdominal area. Your liver has a function to help absorb food nutrients and digest it. The other function is to kill harmful toxins that destroying in your body.

Hepar or liver is really has a good job to control metabolism and provide and reserve ready sugar if you need energy. Due to this crucial organ, you have to keep it from any diseases and abnormalities.

For your additional info that liver is the largest organ of the body with weighs 1.400-1.600 gram in Males and 1.200-1.400 gram in Females. As a big factory, liver is as a storehouse. It plays important role as fat digestion and absorption parts.

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Direct Effects of Scoliosis to Your Life!

Direct Effects of ScoliosisScoliosis becomes trouble for your life if disturbing you on working and daily activities. There is one method to manage your scoliosis by measuring its degree.

If you are taking Chest x-ray, please tell to your Doctor or Radiologist to measure the spines’ degree. It’s to be your medical record for your future if you will control again.

Chest radiograph should be changed to bony structure first before measuring by Radiologist. 10 Degree or less is classified as Mild Scoliosis. 10-20 Degree is classified as Moderate Scoliosis and more than 20 degree is classified as Severe Scoliosis.

If you feel more painful for several years latter, it’s a sign that Scoliosis becomes more trouble for your life.

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