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How to Make Safe Manual Handling

This post is dedicated to people to avoid injury especially for workers or someone who often takes some heavy things without knowing the appropriate handling information. Incorrect manual handling can cause musculoskeletal disorders and nerves damages.

Please be aware that injuries activities can happen at anywhere and anytime like at work area, home, offices, banks, playing ground, on the street and so on. Knowing better about this procedure can prevent the incoming injuries.

The right steps of safe manual handling as follows:

  1. Think first before handling or lifting especially for heavy burden like the lieft plan, where is the load to be placed and so on.
  2. Adjust in stable position. Unbalanced situation will be danger for you.
  3. How to get a good hold. The load should be hugged as close as to your body. it’s a good position
    1. Begin in good posture. Little bit bending of your back spine, hips and knees is better or fully flexing the hips and knees.
    2. Never to flex of your back during lifting.
    3. You keep the load very close to waist.
    4. Avoid twisting to another sideways. It’s dangerous.
    5. Always keep your hand up while handling
    6. After this you can move smoothly and steady.
    7. Do not handle something that you cannot manage it.
    8. Put down the load slowly.

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Prevent Bony Fracture

Fractures can happen in any causes like Osteoporosis, accident, stressed, Prevent Bone Fracture, trauma, bony tumor and others. The damage due to fracture can be the stability of body skeleton, bony structure, nerve system, ligament, veins, arteries and soft tissue textures.

Actually, fractures can be prevented if not caused by accident or trauma such as :

1. Every Action in Careful Way
Every activity you do with normal action like walking, swimming, dancing, running, sitting and so on. If you feel the road is not smooth, you can wear shoes, sandal or other protections for your foot. Avoid slide by using comfortable shoes.

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How to Protect Children from X-Ray Radiation

Children x-ray protection imageX-ray radiation protection for children is very important thing in Hospital or Clinic especially at Radiology Department. Safety First is the basic principle that must be implemented in real examination.

The parents who bring their children to do diagnostic test will be happy due to the perfect of x-ray radiation protection. Children can involve in some examinations related to x-ray machines such as General X-ray, Panoramic, Dental x-ray, Cephalometry, CT-Scan, etc.

Special treatments for children is a must because they have more radiation risks that adult. Why? Because children have young cells and soft tissue which still in growing process. It has much water content inside the body and more risk for damage.

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Security Preparation For Traveling

Secure TravellingEverybody needs refreshing. Traveling to other place which far from home and never visited is a dream of people in holiday season. Pleasure is more enthusiastic if we can go with our family, boyfriend/ girlfriend, spouse, children or with our relative.

In this post,  I would like to stress on traveling security base on the medical risk which can influence your live if you don’t prepare properly. It seems to be called as Risk Control Management.

Security Preparations of Traveling

1. As travelers, every crisis has to be prepared before leaving home. Information and map about the destination site is to be first step especially if we will go to remote site like village, mountain, forest, hill, river and so on. Map and traffic update report like GPS (Global Positioning System) is kept in the pocket.

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How to Handle Head Trauma?

Head Trauma imageOur head is a very important asset in my life besides our heart. Severe trauma can destroy our future.

Some injuries which can damage our head and also brain like falling from high place, motor vehicle collision, accident at home or office, and the other skull injuries.

If someone killed in the accident, it’s of course the brain damaged and an existing  skull fractures or intracranial hemorrhage.

How to Detect Head Trauma?

1. Skull x-ray is enough examination for mild trauma like it’s lump or little edema, scalps, soft tissue in around our head. Sometimes spot trauma on the frontal region, parietal (side head) or occipital (back area). Two basic projections such as Antero-Posterior and Lateral views are performed to check any fracture, sella turcica condition, bony intact, vascular groove abnormality and so on.

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Preventing Poisoning at Home

PoisoningPoisoning is something to be scarred by mother to her children or maybe can happen to adult or elderly people but only in less number. Most cases can occur in the home.

It’s very dangerous if happen in the country side or village if it’s far from medical center. Knowing how to tackle in first aid steps is very important to save life. Every member of family must be aware about poisoning especially for the children under 4 year age.

Most Causes of Poisoning

As a mother or parents have fully awareness to put the dangerous packaging or toxic substances at home. We should have special storage to keep it safely or you can give them the special signs. Keep it locked in back room or boxes is recommended.

Some kind of products are to be careful which maybe swallowed by your children such as small ball, cosmetic, liquid potential hazards, some drugs, etc. Please remember that children by nature like something interesting, colorful sign and new package. They never know that it’s a very risky.

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What is First Aid Training?

First Aid TrainingEmergency plans must be prepared as early as possible for every family before sending to the Medical Expert or Hospital. Why? Yes.. we never known what will happen in the future or even 5 minutes in advance.

You often hear of our neighbor or relative died because they’re late to cope any urgent matter before the Doctor’s coming. Traffic accident, small incident, falling and bleeding, home accident and so on need our prompt response before brought to Hospital. Minor injured or limited illness are also to be our concern.

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Radiation Protection for X-Ray Patient

X-rays or Radiology examination is a very important thing to diagnosis of a disease. X-ray radiation is formed from ionizing radiation which driven by electricity.

It’s not only detecting the disease or abnormality but also can be used to find the location of foreign body (Corpus Alienum) who enter through our skin or swallow through the mouth which happens by accident. This is often on our children who swallow the toys or coin. Radiological examination is also able to know the position of the bone after a crash on the street either by motorcycle accident, car, or other public transportation.

Perhaps it’s is a lucky if during your life never done X ray because it is always healthy or had experienced a minor accident but it’s no further x-ray examination. However, at least X-ray examination is performed by Medical Check-up to enter as new employees who required by company for good health.

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