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Common Flu Treatment

Common FluFlu is a common ailment for people. Don’t let flu get you down. Severe common flu can disturb your daily activities such as on working, school, sport and so on.

It’s caused by an infection of viruses on the upper respiratory tract especially attacking your nose, throat and upper area of the chest. We should understand how to fight common flu in a best efforts.

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Diabetes Rising To Young People

Diabetes Rising ImageDiabetes is one of the most avoided disease in the world today. Newspaper or press media warns that diabetes rising for the young people especially for urban area.

Sedentary urban lifestyle, increasingly high levels of obesity, unbalanced nutrition and unlike basic exercises have strongly contributed to diabetes rising of young people.

The big cities lifestyle make young worker people tend to be careless about what they consume. Due to of those causes, they suffered from lipid or fat metabolism disorders.

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Smoking Effects Decreasing Healthy Life Style

Smoking Effects ImageSmoking is not the only favorite habit for men but also for women. It’s one of the bad habit which is difficult to be eliminated. I’m sure that everyone knew that cigarette is harmful and can create many diseases and eventually deathly attack.

Any negative affects and complicated health conditions can not prevent people from cigarette consumption. Desire for smoking is driven by many aspects like friendship, look cool, life style, suffer from stress, addicted and so on. I think benefit of smoking is little compare with the negative effects like cancer.

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Security Preparation For Traveling

Secure TravellingEverybody needs refreshing. Traveling to other place which far from home and never visited is a dream of people in holiday season. Pleasure is more enthusiastic if we can go with our family, boyfriend/ girlfriend, spouse, children or with our relative.

In this post,¬† I would like to stress on traveling security base on the medical risk which can influence your live if you don’t prepare properly. It seems to be called as Risk Control Management.

Security Preparations of Traveling

1. As travelers, every crisis has to be prepared before leaving home. Information and map about the destination site is to be first step especially if we will go to remote site like village, mountain, forest, hill, river and so on. Map and traffic update report like GPS (Global Positioning System) is kept in the pocket.

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How to Treat Pleuritis Properly?

PleurisyIf you feel pain on the chest, it’s not only caused by Heart Attack, Bronchitis, Tuberculosis, Ribs trauma, Bronchopneumonia, or muscle spasm but it can be an inflammatory process of your pleura.

Your left pleura is divided by left diaphragm and upper part of stomach and left kidney organs. For your right side is with border line of right diaphragm and upper part of liver and right kidney organs. Pleuritis is also known as Pleurisy and if generated fluid collection would be mentioned as Pleural Effusion.

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How to Handle Head Trauma?

Head Trauma imageOur head is a very important asset in my life besides our heart. Severe trauma can destroy our future.

Some injuries which can damage our head and also brain like falling from high place, motor vehicle collision, accident at home or office, and the other skull injuries.

If someone killed in the accident, it’s of course the brain damaged and an existing¬† skull fractures or intracranial hemorrhage.

How to Detect Head Trauma?

1. Skull x-ray is enough examination for mild trauma like it’s lump or little edema, scalps, soft tissue in around our head. Sometimes spot trauma on the frontal region, parietal (side head) or occipital (back area). Two basic projections such as Antero-Posterior and Lateral views are performed to check any fracture, sella turcica condition, bony intact, vascular groove abnormality and so on.

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Complete Info of Mammogram

Mammogram imageIf you are women and still young, healthy, do not have any breast complaints, I’m sure you never think about Mammogram or Mammography.

I can understand about it, but Mammogram is a breast screening that has many benefits and good step for preventing any disease related to your breast health.

Although this test is useful but should be done carefully because it uses x-ray radiation and some women will feel pain and uncomfortable during examination because of breast pressing by the plate of the mammogram equipment.

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