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Radiation Protection for X-Ray Patient

X-rays or Radiology examination is a very important thing to diagnosis of a disease. X-ray radiation is formed from ionizing radiation which driven by electricity.

It’s not only detecting the disease or abnormality but also can be used to find the location of foreign body (Corpus Alienum) who enter through our skin or swallow through the mouth which happens by accident. This is often on our children who swallow the toys or coin. Radiological examination is also able to know the position of the bone after a crash on the street either by motorcycle accident, car, or other public transportation.

Perhaps it’s is a lucky if during your life never done X ray because it is always healthy or had experienced a minor accident but it’s no further x-ray examination. However, at least X-ray examination is performed by Medical Check-up to enter as new employees who required by company for good health.

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Hi.. Mother.

In this moment, I would like to explain you about the cancer therapy with targeted radiation.

Cancer is the disease that most feared by anyone today. There is a perception that patient who suffering from cancer will face a death sentence. Although the cancer if can be detected since the early stages, the disease can be cured. Even at an advanced stage, the cancer can be just a chronic illness. In other words, you will need treatment to control that disease. So the cancer is no longer a fatal disease which leaves only a few months but can be treated for a live longer.

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Diagnostic Imaging with Digital Radiography

CR (Computed Radiography) is equipment that process, adjust and store x-ray films in digital system. This system replaces the manual system and automatic processor which some lacks of disadvantages.

Why the old processor of x-ray machine is left? Please see below:

1. No more dark room usage for Operator/Radiographer in dealing with film processing.
2. Computed Radiography is higher quality. This aspect is very important thing for patient’s diagnosis and also for Radiologist/Doctors who want to interpret the result.

The Advantages of Ultrasound

Ultrasound or Ultrasononography or Scanning is the diagnostic tool in Clinic or Hospital to detect any abnormalities or diseases in the patient. This equipment is very useful for Doctors/ Specialist because it explains what happening within the patient’s body.
Mother who ever get pregnancy often doing this machine to check their baby. They will be happy if knew that their baby is normal, healthy and beautiful or handsome via 4D Ultrasound. But they will be sad if knew that the sex is not appropriate with their desire for example they want male baby but the monitor of ultrasound show to them with female baby.