Infertility Causes for Most WomenIn the beginning of marriage with your spouse, everything is still OK & happy for you and also for your partner including for health, sexual desire, no symptoms of abnormality and so on. 2 years later after that if you have not got pregnancy yet, it’s a problem! Isn’t it?

The problem become bigger if your family, parent’s in-law, friends and the other relative ask about the baby’s coming and you and your spouse aren’t ready to counter these perceptions, the real problems have come. Stressed and sadness are to be your friend.

Infertility is not a “nightmare” if you can handle and manage it properly. In medical term, inability to get positive laboratory result for pregnancy test with normal sexual intercourse and women’s unprotected for more than 1 year is mentioned as Infertility. Trying hard for years to get pregnancy without knowing the causes aren’t appropriate.

Secondary infertility can be cured but if you suffer for primary infertility is very difficult or never occur for pregnancy because there is “no baby’s cell” inside your fallopian tube. If the second option you suffer, I think adoption way or live alone with you spouse is to be your reasonable choice. It’s known as Sterility category.

The normal pregnancy process can occur if there are some conditions as follows:

– Women are ready producing healthy eggs (Ova) with appropriate number and healthy of sperm and placed the right place in the uterus.

– The pelvis of women is also sufficient to allow the fertilization process without bothering by any disease and abnormality like the tube is patent on the right time.

In this moment I would like to explain about the causes of infertility in most women in the world :

– Causes of infertility are not only from women but also from men. Don’t blame this problem only for women! It’s unfair!

– Infections (both Male and Female) such as from MUMPS Disease or wrong drugs intake (drugs for curing cancer) are the failing producing the healthy eggs and sperms.

– Obstruction or blockage of the reproductive canal is also the real cause.

– Psychological factors have a role also like stress, unhealthy lifestyle and anxiety.

– Intercourse problems with no right time.

What should you do to overcome Infertility Problems?

1. Seeing Gynecologist is the right step before doing the other alternative solutions. The Medical Expert will ensure that you have done the right steps like:
– Frequent sexual intercourse in the right time.
– No abnormality on both you and your spouse.
– Laboratory tests for the sperm & ovulation. Sperm test is important factor to check the complete cement, concentration, normal form, amount of cells and motility process. Ovulation test is also urgent thing to ensure any abnormality, temperature and so on.

The other laboratory test like for hormonal disturbances, rubella and toxoplasmosis infection problems and so on.

2. HSG (Hystero-Salpingography) Test to check secondary infertility. This examination is very crucial to check some problems such as obstruction, shape of uterus and adnexa and another abnormality that occurs.

3. Psycologycal aspect like from history of bad trauma, emotion problem, stress, frustration feeling and other matters are also the other considerations.

4. Gynecologyst would give you fertility medication for some periods and will see the outlook after.

5. Pelvic ultrasound is also to be done to check any abnormality for your uterus, adnexa and urinary bladder. It’s needed to confirm about problems like cyst, mass, infection, shape of uterus and so on. Generally is to check the healthy of your reproductive system.

6. Please live in happy and healthy life style as long as facing the pregnancy preparation process.

Hopefully, with the steps mentioned above can give you the general overview how to fix the causes of infertility in most women so far.


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