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What is Difference of X-Ray and MRI?

X-ray and MRI ImageX-ray and MRI, both of them are diagnostic tools in upholding the right diagnosis but they are actually difference machines. They are usually placed in Radiology Department and operated by Radiographer which working together with Radiologist.

Most of Doctors have sent their patients to find disease or abnormality before doing medication or the further medical procedure. X-ray and MRI have their advantages and disadvantages and requesting Doctor will decide whether the patient need x-ray, MRI or both of them.

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Scoliosis Problem ImageScoliosis is abnormal  curve of back spines starting from neck (cervical), thoracal, lumbar up to sacral spines. It’s usually happen on thoracal and lumbar spine.

To check whether your back spine is scoliosis or not by standing in normal position from 2 sides, frontal and side positions.

Many Experts in the world do not know exactly about the real causes of scoliosis, but they can explain the most possibility of it.

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How to Detect and Treat Thyroid Cancer?

Thyroid Cancer Treatment and DetectionFor your info that thyroid cancer case in very rare in the Hospital or Clinic in the place that I work. Initially, thyroid cancer is from tumor that grow in abnormal cells and uncontrollable within gland regions.

If you are pain and feel  uncomfortable  on the neck area should be checked as soon as possible. If there is something wrong like nodule or tumor, can be treated efficiently in early stage.

I think thyroid cancer is not a common abnormality and can occur to everybody with unclear reasons. This disease can attack to anybody both female and male. We must minimize the less negative impacts as we can.

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What is Barium Enema or Colon Inloop?

Barium Enema ImageBarium Enema test is one of the x-ray examination. The patient is instructed to make in comfortable position and injected of  Contrast agent up to intestinal tract (colon organs) with cannula via rectum.

Contrast media is important to see any mucosal abnormalities in the bowel until rectum region. Visualization of the colon segments with several positions like prone (stomach closed to the table), supine (face-up position), oblique up to erect projections.

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