Heart Disease ImageBeside Cancer, Heart Disease is a number one killer and the biggest threat in the world. If you have known the effective ways  how to prevent it, I think it’s a step ahead to a longer and healthier life.

Heart attack is treatable if it’s detected in early stage, but most of people just aware that this disease has become the chronic and made significant complications.

It’s a dangerous thing in your life. Maybe serious surgery or the further medical treatment that need much cost and you will face it in patient ways. Prevention is much better than cure it, isn’t it?

Natural Effective Preventions for Heart Disease

1. Promise & Optimistic to Yourself

It’s really helpful to keep your mind in positive thinking even you have problems in your family and the other matters such as sexual relation, office project deadline, etc. Promising and Optimistic will always keep your heart work in natural process and also in metabolism balancing.

2. Keep in a Healthy Weight

Little bit overweight is still OK but too much fat should be managed properly. Why? Much fat will influence of your heart work and also the other organs like kidney or fatty liver. Mother and women are often the victim of overweight after delivering their baby. Strict diet and regular exercises are the main natural ways to reduce their excessive fat surrounding pelvic and shoulder regions.

3. Stay Active and Keep Moving

Be active will give you many advantages like a healthier life for mental, emotional and physical aspects. Exercise is also good for your heart health and will always work in optimal process. Heart is the same thing with car machine, if you use and manage it regularly on normal burden will make them durable and life longer.

4. Healthy Diet

We need food and drink of course… for your energy right? But healthy food  is the way to keep your heart healthy. Unhealthy food must be avoided like much sugar, saturated fat, excessive softdrink, etc.

5. Regular Medical Check-up

Regular screening or Annual Medical Check-up is recommended to keep away from any disease especially for heart attack. ECG (Electrocardiography), chest x-ray and Heart Doppler Ultrasound are 3 of tests that need to check your heart health in anatomically and physiologically.

6. Stop Smoking and Drinking Alcohol

I know, maybe thousand of advices to quit smoking, but if you have symptoms related to your heart problem, please stop smoking!

7. Keep Relationship

Relationship with your friends, family, relatives and always connected via phone, email, SMS, Facebook, Google+, etc will make your life happy and impacted to your heart in normal working.

8. Go to Pleasure

Vacation or picnic with your beloved one or others will make you less stress. Your heart will be disturbed if you feel stress, panic or suffering much problems in your life. Please prepare for your travelling to avoid any troubles in the streets. Get Happy Guys..

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