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Preventing Poisoning at Home

PoisoningPoisoning is something to be scarred by mother to her children or maybe can happen to adult or elderly people but only in less number. Most cases can occur in the home.

It’s very dangerous if happen in the country side or village if it’s far from medical center. Knowing how to tackle in first aid steps is very important to save life. Every member of family must be aware about poisoning especially for the children under 4 year age.

Most Causes of Poisoning

As a mother or parents have fully awareness to put the dangerous packaging or toxic substances at home. We should have special storage to keep it safely or you can give them the special signs. Keep it locked in back room or boxes is recommended.

Some kind of products are to be careful which maybe swallowed by your children such as small ball, cosmetic, liquid potential hazards, some drugs, etc. Please remember that children by nature like something interesting, colorful sign and new package. They never know that it’s a very risky.

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Why do You Need a Medical Second Opinion?

Second OpinionSome of patients who come to my Hospital are to get a second opinion or they will find about it in another medical center after visiting to my place. This is a common practice in the medical world.

The patients who know better about health knowledge or information will be careful to get diagnosis from their Doctor.

Every medical treatment needs cost, sometimes of negative impacts or another consequences. It’s not included for insurance coverage for medical patient. Second opinion or maybe third opinion is not only for surgical procedure but also for diagnostic matters in any medical fields.

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Differences of X-Ray and Ultrasound

x-ray & ultrasoundX-ray and ultrasound are usually set in on department or division of Radiology and categorized as diagnostic tools. These machines are very important for Doctors and Specialist because without it, they’re difficult to cure patients and treat the next steps. Radiology and Laboratory are the vital divisions in Hospital or Clinic.

I can not say who the best machine is. They have advantages and disadvantages respectively.

What is an x-ray?

1. X-ray is ionic radiation. They can make signs of bone, body area of human, animal and everything when they can pass through them. Densities of the object can make the contrast of the film or in monitor of computer. The sign is gray and white. Less density of the tested object will be gray sign and the thicker object will be white sign.

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How to Handle Appendicitis?

AppendicitisAppendix is an additional organ of the colon at lower right side of the abdomen. If that organ becomes inflamed, red and filled by the pus will make you pain, vomiting, cramping or diarrhea and constipation because radiated from your appendix.

The painful sensation should be checked and diagnosed quickly to avoid the rupture of the organ.

There are causes of Appendicitis

Some common of causes are bacterial infection, obstruction, hyperplasia, worm, foreign body and uncertain causes. Obstruction of the feces is often the main cause and to be a media of bacteria of Escherichia Coli.

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What is First Aid Training?

First Aid TrainingEmergency plans must be prepared as early as possible for every family before sending to the Medical Expert or Hospital. Why? Yes.. we never known what will happen in the future or even 5 minutes in advance.

You often hear of our neighbor or relative died because they’re late to cope any urgent matter before the Doctor’s coming. Traffic accident, small incident, falling and bleeding, home accident and so on need our prompt response before brought to Hospital. Minor injured or limited illness are also to be our concern.

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Diet Plans For Healthy Lifestyle

Diet FoodsHealthy lifestyle is the most wanted for everyone. Diet guideline is one of the important factor to get an optimal body shape. Mother and young women are often faced this difficult matters. But the problem is : They are still confused about what they should or should not eat and the other steps which to be followed.

There are 3 Secrets about Diet Plans.

A. Appropriate Nutrition

1. Choose your Nutritious Diet. The first step that you must follow is choosing the variety of foods. They should healthier, easier to prepare and tastier. House wife has a role to set this task or to be delegated to her house maid.

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Back Pain Relief

Back ProblemsIn this post, I would like to explore how to cure the back problems which caused by your spines disorders. The healthy spine is very vital to do your day to day activities.

If your spine is not good would influence distress or disability like muscle stiffness, stress,  weakness and any other problems. Almost every day, I received a patient who suffered from the back pain. The ache is starting from Neck up to lumbar spine.

How can Spine Get Problems?

1. If you fall from the higher position.

2. Car or Motorcycle accident.

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Is Chiropractic Treatment Effective?

ChiropracticNowadays, chiropractic is one of the alternative treatment in medical field. Chiropractic is an alternative medicine to diagnose, treatment and prevention for your musculoskeletal system disorders.

What can Chiropractor help?

Some complaints related to back pain, headache, migraine, neck pain, leg & knee pain, shoulder pain, scoliosis and so on. Chiropractic can fix your misalignment of your spinal, muscle, bone, joint and ligament. Subluxation of your spine and unbalanced of your nerve system are also Chiropractic’s tasks.

How is Chiropractic treatment?

1. The first you come to Chiropractic, She/he usually ask your posture, medical history, live style, nutrition you intake, etc.

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Why Do You Need Regular Medical Check UP?

Medical Check UpsSome people are familiar with regular Medical Check up because they are employees or staff or the other company workers which do annual test for their company or institution’s needs.

Of course all Doctors in the world have been recommending periodic check ups to mitigate unexpected personal health problems in the future. The ultimate condition can be expensive to treat and even become a fatal if discovered at a later stage.

What is a Medical Check Up?

A Medical Check up is a complete physical and laboratory examination of your body that should be done annually to check your health and detect any problems and a preventive measures for any disease that may be you suffer.

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What is Broken Leg?

Broken LegsBroken leg can occur to anybody because of their activities which happen at home, office, school, on the street or playing area. Lower extremities that most common of fractures are on the bones of tibia (bigger one), fibula (small one), femur/thigh, coxae (pelvic joint), ankle and metatarsal.

Any fractures can be hairline, greenstick, oblique, multiple in complete of partial shapes. It’s usually involved dislocation or subluxation on site.

How to know a broken leg?

Lower leg x-ray is a great diagnostic tool to see any kind of fracture before doing treatment, procedure or operation. X-ray is also can be used to evaluate of the healing process. Using CT-Scan is a better, but this is very dependent for your Doctor.

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How to Detect Breast Cancer?

Breast Ultrasound TestHi.. mother or maybe for all women especially who have age more than 40 years. In this post I would like to explain how to detect Breast Cancer.

If you know it in early stage, I’m sure your life is saved without any negative impacts. Breast Cancer is one of the most dangerous disease in the world. Until now, all medical knowledge doesn’t know the specific causes of Breast Cancer.

There are several factors which influence of getting Breast Cancer like:

1. The changes of tumor cells become cancer cells. Some kinds of tumor such as  FAM (Fibroadenoma Mammae), Phyllodes Tumor and Papylloma Intraductal. FAM is often suffered by young mothers.

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How to Manage Medical Records

Medical RecordsIn this article, I do not post any health problems but about Medical Records. Why medical records so important for patients?

Yes.. because they are very useful for your re-visit, further treatment like operation, insurance needs, long medications, medical check-up, research purpose and many others.

Medical records is also important for legal purposes if sometime happen mal practice or police investigations as evidences on the court. The patients have a right for hard copy of their medical records.

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