Head MRI ImageMRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is sophisticated and detail examination that used after basic x-ray test cannot find the right diagnosis of head object.

This machine is also well-known to evaluate parts of the body and certain disease or abnormality in soft tissue and nerve system.

Head MRI would be done if there are any indications as follows:

1. Head Accident

Head trauma is emergency case that must be treated fast and properly. Skull trauma is involved in appropriately 65% of the injured people and roughly 70% of all individuals killed in accident. Only 25% of all victims of traffic accident do not make the head fracture.

MRI is the best alternative of examination without using x-ray radiation which mostly chose by Doctor and patient to check the head trauma impacts like internal hemorrhage, subdural and epidural hematomas, intra-cerebral damage within the brain. Etc.

The Specialists like Neurosurgeon and Neuroradiologist will treat the victims from brain edema, hemorrhage, shock, central respiratory depression and the other negative effect of head accident.

2. Brain Tumor

Tumor can grow in the brain and we call it “Brain Tumor”. It can be dangerous if not operated appropriately such as for malignant type (Cancerous), but if it’s benign (non-cancerous) will be checked further whether it can grow and destroy the other part organs or not. Medical condition symptoms and tumor sign would be tested in Laboratory for detail analysis.

Brain tumor is initially lead by severe headache and an intermittent condition (On and Off). Coughing, straining, and uncomfortable position is the most common of brain tumor symptoms. Dangerous stage would make the intense of pain. The sufferer will be painful to light sight directly.

Tumor in the brain is usually removed by surgery and cured by radiation therapy or Chemo therapy. Neurosurgeon is the Specialist that will handle this problem.

3. Continuous and Unusual Headache

If you feel severe headache and unusual condition, please to check it via Head MRI. Sometimes, something wrong happens inside your brain. Pain killer maybe can not cover any more for your headache. There are the causes of unusual headache like migraine, muscle contraction, tumor, cancer, obstruction, foreign body, inflammation of your sinus, polyp, etc.

The aim of Head MRI is your problem will be treated as soon as possible and recurrent headache will disappear.

4. Operation Preparation

To make head operation running well, it’s better to do head MRI in advance. Doctor who will perform the head surgery will analyze and set the right treatment to make the operation success. Sometimes, ultrasound, CT-Scan or other diagnostic tools are also used to support MRI result.

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