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What is 4D Ultrasound For?

4D Ultrasound Image4D ultrasound is commonly associated with most mothers who get pregnancy but for your additional info that the machine can also be used to check another parts of the body such as neck sonography, abdomen, soft tissue areas, upper and lower extremities with conventional or Doppler system.

Baby within the uterus is the main target for 4D ultrasound equipment. Almost Developed countries has been installed in their Hospitals or Clinics to improve a quality of their service to the patients. Of course especially dedicated to mother’s satisfaction.

What is 4D Ultrasound For

1. This machine is using an advanced innovative technology from 2D and 3D ultrasound with beautiful, good quality and detailed pictures.

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What is a Soft Tissue Injury?

Soft Tissue Injury ImageSoft tissue injury is often caused by sport activity, car accident, challenging job, wrong exercise or daily tasks. Actually, this problem is very common to everybody.

If you get this experience, you will feel painful, resulting swelling, redness sign and sometimes open wounded. To respond this condition, you will be taken to the Clinic or Hospital and to be treated fast and properly to avoid spreading of infection. This case can happen on the legs, hands, neck, pelvic, abdomen, head or the other part of the body.

Using Diagnostic Tools

Doctors are usually to do diagnostic examination first to ensure whether it is soft tissue injury only or involving any broken & dislocations, compression fractures and so on. X-ray test becomes the first choice to check soft tissue injury. If there is no sign of abnormality on the bone structure, the Doctor’s diagnosis is focus the problems on the tendons, muscles, ligaments, nerves, arteries and veins.

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Bone X-Ray

Bone xray imageMany patients who visited to my Hospital or Clinic asked me about what the functions of bone x-ray. Generally, they only know that bone x-ray is to see bony fractures or kind of broken.

Yes, they are not false. One of the function of bone xray is to see broken bone. In this momment, I would like to explain more detail about the objectives of bone xray. Xray is the main weapon for the Doctor to diagnose everything inside the patient’s body.

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Causes, Symptoms, Detection and Treatment of Arthrosis

Arthrosis ImageMany people in the world have a pain, stiff and difficult to move on the foot, back spines, ankle, hand and so on, but they have never got trauma or accident before.

This is a general complaint that I heard from the patients before doing an x-ray, ultrasound or other diagnostic tools. This condition is usually suffered by the old people or someone with above of 30 years old. Yes.. it’s usually caused by Arthrosis.

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