Back ProblemsIn this post, I would like to explore how to cure the back problems which caused by your spines disorders. The healthy spine is very vital to do your day to day activities.

If your spine is not good would influence distress or disability like muscle stiffness, stress,  weakness and any other problems. Almost every day, I received a patient who suffered from the back pain. The ache is starting from Neck up to lumbar spine.

How can Spine Get Problems?

1. If you fall from the higher position.

2. Car or Motorcycle accident.

3. Too active on sport competition, golfing, etc.

4. Hurt in your working area, etc.

Who can cure the back problems?

Many Hospital will implement multi-specialty approach for the best solution like Orthopedic, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor and Neurosurgery. All discipline knowledge is not only to treat spinal problems but also to enhance the better performance especially for the athletes.

The best way for investigating of back pain problems is using MRI or CT Scan, but x-ray test is still good enough.

How to cure the Back Problems?

Many treatments are used to your back pain relief such as:

1. Regular Exercise is the best way not less.

2. Spinal manipulation  is also effective which done by Chiropractor.

3. Massage and Acupuncture are also recommended. These are quite appropriate fo soft tissue therapy and muscle relieve.

4. Injection Method is used if there swelling and to reduce prolong pain.

5. The last effort is Surgery. Trauma and infection are often used as consideration.

My useful Tips:

– If you feel back problems, don’t wait too long in treatment because it will lead a various next problems like pelvic pain, headache, digestive difficulties and the other nerve problems.

– Be careful for your treatment if you suffer pathology diseases like cancer, fracture or infection.

– Please keep your posture in normal position because they contribute to back pain. Bending, lifting, twisting and the other poor movement are avoided.

– Many of patient who feel recurrence back pain and doesn’t go away because they suffer also arthritis, spinal stenosis or nerve compression. Of course your the recovery will need a longer time.

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