Baby ultrasound is SafeNew baby is the special bonus from God for the family in the world. Female who got pregnant after positive testing in the Laboratory would run several further tests and examinations as long as examined by Gynecologist or Obstetrician. That’s a general steps to obtain the healthy, safe and normal baby.

Besides happy feeling, there are also the stressful times and need additional cost for forthcoming period. Prenatal is the important time to prepare everything to get the best result. You must be ready for more than 9 months by checking-up until getting progress report from your Doctor.

In this post, I would like to explain about baby ultrasound. So, you can understand whether it’s safe and important or not to your baby development.

Ultrasound is the main tool of diagnostic to see your foetus inside the uterus. Gynaecologist will do scanning in several times to check the baby development. As a Medical Expert, they will determine the foetus condition week to week progress. This tool is very safe for the baby and mother. No radiation exposure resulted from this machine. The examination is also comfortable in special room without pain.

Transducer of ultrasound machine will rotate on the your lower abdomen to get the best images. Some Doctors will use trans-vaginal transducer to try grabbing the clearer pictures. It’s usually taken in the first month of pregnancy period.

If there is something abnormal, your Doctor usually will tell you about the causes, impacts and the next steps for further treatments. For your notice that your foetus has something wrong, you should keep and monitor the baby’s medical record. This aim is to understand the baby development properly.

When you don’t believe anymore for the examination and treatment you received you can do another steps like:

– Getting Medical second opinion from other Gynecologist in different Hospital.

– Finding a better/best Medical Expert for the next treatment.

– Avoiding Mal Practice and Medical Record can become the evidence.

– Asking more detail about the procedures and risks to your baby.

There are some abnormalities that found from ultrasound imaging such as:

– Ectopic pregnancy
– Congenital and birth defects
– Cardiovascular problems
– Abnormal baby’s organs
– And so on.

For female who pregnant should be careful if they have any diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, vaginal infections, cyst, polyp and so on which suspected by your Doctor.

The results of ultrasound imaging as follows that usually explained by your Doctor:

– Step by step foetus shapes development.
– The age of foetus.
– Prediction of Current weight and expected weight after delivery process.
– Determine of Sex (Female or Male).
– Baby’s heartbeat.
– Baby pulse rate.
– Etc

For the best quality you can choose 4D machine than 3D because there are some differences such as:

4D ultrasound is more detail image and resolution compared with 3D images.

– The pictures are also colorful like actual outlook and appearance.

– Face, other organs, sex can be seen clearly.

– Doppler ultrasound can detect of cardiovascular system.

– The above mentioned is some advantages of 4D machine compared with 3D but the disadvantages is the cost is of course higher.

Some pregnant women are preferable to choose Female Doctor than Male. I understand about their choice because they have many reasons like religion, privacy, culture, husband’s prohibition, last bad experience and so on. But in my observation that most of pregnant women are OK with Male Doctors because they find the quality and experienced Doctors or base on their friends’ recommendation.

You can share your joy to your family and relative by requesting the Gynecologist or Sonographer to keep the ultrasound images in CD or USB. Ultrasound machine can also cover in video format.

I hope this post is useful and can be used to enrich your knowledge in different perspective about baby ultrasound that I explain base on my real experience.


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