Rib TraumaTrauma can be crashed to any parts of our body. Fracture injuries to thorax or ribs could be the result from traffic accident, at work or maybe from daily activities.

Mother..  your children are easy to suffer from trauma at school or playing ground at home surrounding. Please remind them to be careful during sports activities. You will see the impacts like compression, bruising or open wounds. For severe and serious injuries can be a fatalistic.

Internal injuries on ribs or thorax involve traumatic Pneumothorax with or without broken ribs. This trauma can be blood in thoracic cage. If there is air in the thorax, we mention it : Hematopneumothorax.

Chest x-ray in posterior and lateral positions are needed to present any fractured or other abnormalities within thoracic cage. Beside thoracic area, clavicle or scapula bones is also the objects of trauma. We often find the patient have fractures on the middle or middle third of clavicle.

Sternum fracture is highly variable and can be seen by lateral view of chest x-ray. In accordance with this case, we will change the condition of thorax x-ray in bony structure, so we can see the broken ribs happened.

Edema or rupture of the lungs may result of inhalation difficulties (inspiration and expiration). Traumatic rupture of the diaphragms is seen often within thorax area. Emergency  measure is needed to help the victim like this. Oxygen supply, pain killer and other emergency equipment are prepared to save the serious patient.

Orthopedist will handle the patient with serious ribs trauma. For minor trauma/line fractured of the ribs are not needed for further operation or treatment. They just wait recovery time, little bit pain is still normal.

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