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Special Concerns for Women Health Issues

Concerns women health issuesMen health problems are different with women because women are more complicated and have some special issues but both of them are prone of some illnesses and must be maintained from unique challenges. Women have special step of menopause and its problem.

Most of women will concerns about their health starting childhood up to the rest of their life. I thing prevention is much better than curing their illnesses.

Below are the special concerns of women:

    1. Reproductive issues

      The female reproductive organs are begun with menstruation stage and direct related with their sex, imbalance hormone and chemical and can result of some infections. Another organ are uterus, ovaries and urinary bladder are susceptible to injury and various medical conditions.

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      Specific Diseases Info of Women Health

      Women health info on specific diseasesWomen or mothers should be concerning seriously about their health. Health concern of women is different from men.

      Female health is facing the variety of specific challenges starting from baby up to menopause stage.

      Men are compared with women resulted that women are more likely to suffer migraine headache, experience depression,  live longer and further impacts of osteoporosis, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

      Women are also less likely to die from injury, lose from their hearing and skip from preventive health screening. The warnings of these issues are to be concern about the fit health and protected from another abnormalities.

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      Important Information of Mother Health

      Mother health important informationBecome a mother has changed whole of her life that she has never imagined before. The first step of your task is to manage and control of your health.

      Actually it’s a wonderful experience for mother to feel and take everything like:

      – Handling her children starting baby up to growing to adult and keep them healthy not just physically but also mentally.

      – Bringing them up to environment stability until emotionally mature.

      – Keeping mother herself in healthy and wellness issue for many years.

      – Having step by step programs for your next generation.

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      Endometriosis Risks That You Should Know

      Info of Endometriosis risksMany women cannot realize that they suffer from Endometriosis until they have some complaints about their lower area of pelvis. They will feel painful condition because their Endometrial tissue which lining their uterus appear around pelvic cavity. Reproductive system will be affected and contributing to infertility cases due to endometriosis.

      Endometriosis can destroy peritoneum cavity within pelvic area including fallopians tube, ovaries and also ligament which supporting the uterus. The response of menstrual cycle is disturbed by this condition such as any bleeding, breaks and dense. But for some cases, it can expel during menstruation period every month.

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      Some Causes of Infertility in Most Women

      Infertility Causes for Most WomenIn the beginning of marriage with your spouse, everything is still OK & happy for you and also for your partner including for health, sexual desire, no symptoms of abnormality and so on. 2 years later after that if you have not got pregnancy yet, it’s a problem! Isn’t it?

      The problem become bigger if your family, parent’s in-law, friends and the other relative ask about the baby’s coming and you and your spouse aren’t ready to counter these perceptions, the real problems have come. Stressed and sadness are to be your friend.

      Infertility is not a “nightmare” if you can handle and manage it properly. In medical term, inability to get positive laboratory result for pregnancy test with normal sexual intercourse and women’s unprotected for more than 1 year is mentioned as Infertility. Trying hard for years to get pregnancy without knowing the causes aren’t appropriate.

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      How to make beautiful breast with proper treatmentsHave the beautiful and healthier breast! Of course every woman wants like famous Celebrities’, but the problems are they don’t know how treat it. Mother who has been delivery process is also the subject of these treatments.

      Here are the secrets of how to practically make your breasts appear attractive.

      1. Using Appropriate Bra

      Use the wrong bra does not make your breasts appear beautiful and it can also cause back pain, redness due to irritation or shortness of breath. Please be aware that you may have a larger or smaller breast. There are many factors that influence such as pregnancy, breastfeeding or menopause process. Use the right bra and fit the size of your breasts can make you feel good and attractive appearance, especially if it’s dedicated to your partner or spouse.

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      Common Pelvic Pain in Women

      Pelvic Pain in Women ImagePelvic pain is commonly suffered by women or mothers compared than men. There are 2 type of pelvic pains. The first is “Acute”. You will feel very painful in short time. Your Doctor will do operation because of acute pain.

      The second type is “Chronic”. Your pain is moderate and last longer. Sometimes the pain will increase gradually. Anything you suffered, medical test and treatment should be done to cure your pelvic problem causes. This goal is to eliminate any serious disease and finally to be permanently.

      Doctors will do several diagnostic tools before deciding to treat you (therapy proces) because there are several organs in pelvic area that influence the causes and symptoms of pelvic pain in women.

      Medical hystory of patient, physical examination and complete diagnostic tests are fully considered before therapy process started.

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      Menopause Symptoms ImageSome mothers will get problems facing the end of menstruation as we call it “Menopause”. Every woman is different with another but most of them occurs between the ages of 45 to 55 with average age around 50.

      To describe the condition of the last period, the female become irregular and the body adjust for reducing the level of hormones.  The process would take time 2 – 5 years or maybe longer.

      The female hormones like Progestogen and Oestrogen will automatically decline and finally stop and not produced anymore by the ovary due to the the complete task of maturing age.

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      Mother’s Chest Pain

      Chest Pain ImageChest pain can be suffered by anybody including your mother. Most of you will feel that every chest pain cause is from heart attack, but it’s not totally wrong.

      To decide whether the chest pain is from heart attack or others must be detected by diagnostic tools such as physical test, medical record history, chest x-ray, CT-Scan or MRI, laboratory analysis, ECG (Echo Cardiography), etc.

      Every symptom related to your chest pain should be faced in high attention because it’s sometimes dangerous for your live. Some of people need emergency treatment if suddenly suffering of chest pain.

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      HSG Test imageEvery new couples who build as  a new family hope a child birth as soon as possible. The presence of baby would make a happier life in the family including mother, father, grandpa, grandma and also the relatives.

      I do understand for mother’s feeling if she hasn’t got a baby after getting marriage for long time.

      What is HSG Test?

      HSG (HYSTEROSALPINGOGRAPHY) is a special test using x-ray radiation to check any abnormality like fallopian tubes blocking in both sides or partial organ. This primary test is to see any infertility in secondary causes.

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      How to Treat Osteoporosis

      Osteoporotic processThis condition is mainly found on mother in middle-aged and elderly stages. Of course men have also risk of osteoporosis. Signs of osteoporosis for mother detected after the menopause come when the periods cease.

      What is Osteoporosis?

      Osteporosis is a condition of bones become thinning and decreasing of density, so its impact it becomes weak and brittle. If you suspected as Osteoporosis by doing Bony x-ray, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that your life would be over. So you must know early how its symptoms and how to treat it properly.

      Why do you have more risk to get Osteoporosis than other mothers?

      1. Drink a lot of coffee and alcohol are one of the reason. I think moderate amount of them is still tolerated.

      2. If you’re smoker, please decrease it or throw away because it has also a risk of Osteoporosis.

      3. Little activity or exercise is not good for your bony health. Watching TV a lot and sleeping too much should be avoided.

      4. Overweight is not healthy but too thin and slight is also vulnerable to get Osteoporosis.

      5. Lacks of calcium and hormones (Menopause process).

      OsteoporosisOsteoporosis can cause broken or fractured of your bones such as on your legs, arms, coxae (Pelvic joints) and also any abnormalities of your vertebral spine. Scoliosis, kifosis, lordosis, compression fracture and other negative effects can attack your spines.

      How to treat Osteoporosis?

      – Of course it’s better to stop smoking and cut down alcohol and coffee. Maybe this is the hard steps to leave it.

      – Consume calcium and vitamin D every day. I think for calcium, 1000 mg to productive mother is enough and 1200 mg to elderly.

      – Regular exercise for example walking in 15-30 minutes. With weight-bearing exercise is recommended but adjusted with your age.

      – Please discuss with your family Doctors about your diet for low fat products, fish, fruits, etc.

      – Ultraviolet ray from sun is also good to get Vitamin D naturally. Exposed by sun light before 9am in the morning around 20-30 minutes is advised.

      To prevent Osteoporosis is much better than to treat it because it doesn’t take much money and less efforts. I told you that Osteoporosis is a common condition for mother and elderly.

      I suggest for mothers who have risk with Osteoporosis because I often found them getting injury to their leg and coxae bones. Be careful if you’re in the bathroom, slippery area, using stairs and may be using high-heeled shoes. Recovery process will take long time if you got fractured.

      To know and prevent of Osteoporosis in early stage, be suggested to do x-ray or CT-Scan in Clinic or Hospital.